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Dec 5, 2005 01:20 AM


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Does anyone have a good recipe
for Giardiniera, the Italian
pickled vegetable relish ?


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  1. I use these two recipes:

    Categories: Pickles
    Yield: 1 servings

    3 Carrots (1/2" diam)
    1 jar (10 oz) Pepproccini peppers
    1 bn Celery
    1 lg Cauliflower
    2 lg white onion, peeled
    1 Tbs. Salt
    4 cups Cold water
    2 cups White vinegar
    1/4 tsp. Mustard seed
    2 Tbs. Celery seed
    3 dried chilis
    1/2 cup Sugar

    1. Peel carrots, cut in half lengthwise then into 1/2 inch diskettes. Cut celery into similar sized pieces. Add entire jar of Peproccini; brine and all. Break the cauliflower into 4cm flowerets. Dissolve the salt in cold water. Dissolve the salt in cold water. Cover the vegetables with this brine and leave overnight. A clean (new) plastic food-use bucket is a suitable container. After 12-18 hours drain the vegetables, rinse in cold water, and allow to drain again.

    2. Select jars with glass or enamelled lids. Wash and rinse well, then dry in a warm oven.

    3. In a large enamel or stainless steel pan combine vinegar, mustard seed, celery seed, chilis and sugar. Boil for 3 minutes and then add the carrots and onions and boil for 5 minutes. Fill the warmed jars with hot vegetables and top up with vinegar to within 1/2" of rim. Secure lids firmly.

    Makes approx 1 gallon.


    Chicago Fire Salad

    Recipe By : April Jones
    Serving Size : 0
    Preparation Time : 0:00
    Categories : Appetizers

    Amount Measure Ingredient--Preparation Method
    -------- ------------ -------------------------------
    1 head cauliflower -- broken in florets
    1 stalk celery ribs -- sliced 1/2-inch thick
    8 medium red bell peppers -- medium diced
    2 jumbo onions -- medium diced
    12 cloves garlic -- finely chopped
    1 small jar baby corn -- drained
    2 3-ounce jars capers -- drained
    1-1/2 pounds Serrano peppers -- trimed. seeded, and diced
    1 large can ripe olives -- sliced
    1 18-ounce jar salad olives
    3 cups olive oil
    3 cups salad oil
    1-1/2 cups red wine vinegar
    3 tablespoons salt
    1 teaspoon Accent® seasoning mix
    3 tablespoons crushed red pepper
    1 tablespoon celery salt
    1-1/2 teaspoons black pepper

    Mix all the ingredients together throughly. Divide evenly into several glass jars or plastic containers, seal and refridgerate. Fire salad will keep for several months and improves with age. Allow at least two full weeks for full flavor to develop before serving.

    Frank Morgarella "Angelo's"
    "1 1/2 gallons"

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      Niki Rothman

      This deceptively easy, delicious recipe is for pickled mushrooms. I've done it with string beans. It's a wonderful mellow pickle. You can do it with any veg. Thus for giardiniera:
      small onions, cauliflower, sweet red and green peps, carrots etc.
      Boil all together for 2 minutes: 2 c vinegar, 2 tsp. salt, 1/4 tsp. hot red pep. flakes, 2 pounds mushrooms (or other veg.).
      Refrigerate 2 days before using.
      Lasts a very long time in the fridge.
      You can re-use the liquid to do it all again when you use up your first batch.
      (it's not in the recipe, but you could add a little oregano and garlic).
      This recipe is from Mrs. Marilyn Whaley, of Hyannis, Mass., the Mom of Linda Briggs Bolt, my best friend, who died way before her time. When I pass on this recipe I remember her by giving the credit. You can too.

      1. Thank you for sharing your recipes.