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Dec 4, 2005 04:42 PM

Creamy Potato Gratin?

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Can anyone direct me to a recipe for a creamy potato gratin - or any other suitable potato dish to serve with rack of lamb? The in-laws are coming for dinner and I've decided on the red current jelly/wine sauce rack of lamb from epicurious. The potato gratins I've made in the past all turned out on the dry, dense side. My other 2 sides will be creamed spinach and carrots in a sour cream horseradish sauce. Thanks!

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  1. Please re-read your post, SeattleSue. Creamy potato gratin, creamed spinach and horseradish cream for the carrots are all quite similar-sounding. My reaction is to cut down on the "creamy"s. It doesn't work as well with a red currant-wine glaze for the rack of lamb, either.

    Oct/Nov 2005 Fine Cooking magazine, pg. 50 has an easy, delicious (read: in-law-friendly) potato, thyme & olive oil gratin that would work well with the rack of lamb & glaze.

    Maybe a re-work on the other sides, leaving a single "creamy" choice......

    If it makes you feel any better, the first time I had my in-laws for dinner, I smoked us all out of the house with over-flowing sauce from a chicken casserole. I was so busy trying to do all the right things (like hiding the dusty wedding gift silver) that I never noticed the billowing smoke until it was too late. We had to eat outdoors while the whole house cleared of smoke and we could return.

    1. I agree with about just simple roasted potatoes? They are delicious with lamb after roasting in the lamb fat!! Or you could even steam them with fresh mint and parsley? Since the other dishes are fairly rich (and so is lamb) maybe the starch should be simple? Good luck!!

      1. As Sherry and 4 Chowpups said that is a lot of cream, sour or otherwise. An old James Beard recipe that is delicious is fondant potatoes. Get new potatoes,peel a wide bad off around the middle. Put them in a very heavy pot, Le Creuset is good for this, with a sick of unsalted butter. Cover and cookk over low heat stirring only when the potatoes volunterily release themselves from the pot and brown all over. The potatoes caramelize in the butter and are melt in your mouth delicious.

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          Jonathan Saw

          This sounds great, but what do you mean when you write:

          "stirring only when the potatoes volunterily release themselves from the pot"?

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            You want a crust to form and they may stick a bit at first and then they will release themselves. If you try to stir them before they are ready to let go you will peel off the wonderful crust.

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            Can you give an estimate in time and an approximate amount of potatoes? Thanx

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              My recipe calls for 3 lbs. small new potatoes peeled, put in to a heavy pot with 1 stick of butter. Make sure the heavy pot is large enough to hold the potatoes in 1 layer. Add the butter and cover the pan, place over medium heat and cook for about 15 minutes. Turn the potatoes and re-cover. Cook shaking the pan occasionaly until the potatoes are tender and evenly browned and crispy. Season with salt and pepper. Time will depend on the size of your potatoes. I use very low heat and really brown and caramelize those little spuds. Sorry I cannot be more exact.

          3. You could try for a roesti (sp?) style potato dish - basically, a thick and crusty grated-potato pancake that you cut into wedges for serving. It would add some texture to your meal, I think...

            1. Agree w/ others that you should reduce creamy sides; I would pick one.

              If you want to do the creamy potato gratin, then use one of your good recipes but just add LOTS of cream and slice the potatoes fairly thin. What I mean by lots is that the potatoes are nearly submerged in the cream. A mix of heavy cream and sour cream or creme fraiche is also good. You can then simply saute the spinach w/ some garlic instead of creaming.