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Dec 4, 2005 11:47 AM

Crispy roasted chicken skin

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Last night I made a whole chicken as follows: Stuffed some butter under the skin, rubbed duck fat all over bird, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and roasted on roasting rack for about 90 min. at 425. The skin was still not crispy enough. What do I need to do to make it really crispy?

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  1. I get the poultry skin as dry as possible, I've been known to turn a hair dryer on it so there is no surface moisture and then oil lightly and season. Nice and crispy.

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    1. re: Candy

      This is the best reason to get a hair dryer that I've heard of. I think I'll put it on my Christmas list. My family won't believe it.

      Thanks Candy. Robert

      1. re: Robert

        I get the same effect with the hair dryer (so the you do not buy something else). I dry the skin with paper towels and then I rest the chicken in the pan and use a electic fan blow on it to dry the skin.

        Then five minutes before the chicken is done I brush on s honey, thin soy sauce and oyster sacue mixture on top of the chicken. Then roast it for the final five minutes. This is like what is done to a Peking Duck.

        A fan is alway in the kitchen for cooling sushi rice. It also help when I cook alot and it can cool the kitchen.

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          I agree you overdid it with the fat.

          Another way to dry the skin is to pat it dry then let it sit in the refrigerator for as long as you can (The famous Zuni Cafe recipe says to do this for between 24 hours and 3 days, I believe). A dry brine(rubbing salt on the skin) like the Zuni recipe, which has been mucb discussed on this board, may also help this process.

          Butterflying the chicken will ensure that there is no soggy skin on the bottom-it will all be crispy.

          Does it really matter what type of oven/grill/contraption the chicken cooks in? It seems to me that this is more about the method of preparing and cooking the chicken itself.

    2. You might have actually overdone it with the butter and fat. All you really need with a chicken is to get it really dry, as Candy said. If the chicken's under 3 lbs, you might turn up the oven another 25 or even 50 degrees. Also consider that your oven's thermometer might be off by a bit.

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        Niki Rothman

        Here I go again flogging my beloved Ron Popeil "Showtime" compact rotisserie ($99)
        Best juicy chicken. Could not be easier: just tie up your chicken well with kitchen string, place on spit, set the timer and forget it - totally crispy skin.
        If you get it: tip - rub cooking oil into 2 little depressions into which you insert the spit - eliminates (kind of cute, actually) low, ghostly moaning noise.

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        1. re: Niki Rothman
          Ed Fontoleroy

          Actually, I have that Popeil contraption already. It does make incredible chicken. And you're right about oiling the contact points; it took me a couple times cooking with it to figure that out.
          Last night, however, I was trying to make chicken the old fashioned way.

          1. re: Ed Fontoleroy

            I use the rotisserie on my Weber for chickens, and yes a rotisserie does produce crisp sking and juicy chicken. But at 30 F. It does take awhile so super dried and oven roasted is what I do in winter.

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          ChowFun (derek)

          From their Cooks Country magazine..this months issue

          I paraphrase:
          Dry chicken...leave in fridge to dry
          2tsp CORNSTARCH (their secret ingredient!!!) and 2tsp. salt mixed
          Oven rack middle position
          475Degree oven
          Skewer holes into chicken skin, not into flesh (as is done for let fat escape)
          Rub with cornstarch/salt mixture
          V rack 15 minures one wing up... 15minutes other wing up
          flip again breast side up...cook about an additional 20 minutes, or untill temp in thigh joint is 170 degrees
          Voila "Crispiest Roast Chicken" so they say