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Dec 2, 2005 09:59 AM

Boneless rib roast

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I have a boneless rib roast, about 6-6.25 pounds. I would like to try the low heat (200 degrees) method of roasting it. Do I first sear it in a pan on the stove? Do I season it and then just put it in the oven? Also, any thoughts as to how long it should be in the oven? I think I read the internal temp should be 130 degrees, and I do have a thermometer, but I need to know how long it might take a roast that size to get to 130 degrees, if I'm roasting it at 200 degress. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Take a look at my post above.
    (My 7-8 lb-er took 3 1/2 hrs.)

    1. I did one last year (& again this year)
      500 degrees for 20 mins to form a nice crust then lower your heat.
      Rub it down w/some good olive oil 1st
      cut some holes & stuffed w/Garlic cloves & parsley
      Follow recommeded min per pound & not quite sure of the temp for remaider of cooking..........

      good luck !!!
      (its pretty easy)

      1. oops
        also go to netscape
        just enter "boneless rib roast"
        go get some ideas on how long to cook & @ what temp
        never heard of cooking beef @ 200 degrees

        Pulled pork & 200 for like 14-16 hours yeah
        but not beef