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Dec 1, 2005 11:44 AM

Recipes with Peppermint Candies, Please!

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I'm intrigued with using peppermint candies in cookies, etc. Does anyone have any tried & true recipes which utilize them?

The idea of using peppermint extract is unappealing to me--always seems to overpower (although I have never used it myself). Is it possible to use the extract successfully?

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  1. Here's a link that may be helpful.

    I have made the candy cane cookies, and they were pretty good.


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    1. re: DT

      I melt white chocolate and mix in crushed peppermint cane and spread out very very thin to cool. It is awesome and a lovely pink.

      starlight mints on the other hand, are almost impossible to crush!

      1. re: Betty

        Good suggestion to use canes--small candies are not nearly as brittle.

        Thanks for your responses.

        Question: My lovely Callebaut white chocolate doesn't melt well--any suggestions for making it smoother, more pliable?

        1. re: Funwithfood

          How are you melting it? I've found this chocolate great to work with. I melt in in a double boiler.

    2. Not a cookie but the white chocolate/dark chocolate peppermint bark in a past Bon Apetit is great. It has crushed peppermints in it and isn't very difficult but labor intensive. I don't know if it is on Epicurious or not, if interested I will try and hunt it down.

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        Caitlin McGrath

        Hope you use Hot Posts, FwF, so you'll see this! The linked recipe is really good, very chocolatey, and uses the peppermint candies to good effect.