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Nov 30, 2005 10:28 AM

crispy batter buffalo wings

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I deep fried some wings the other night, but I didn't
get that crispy coating, i just rolled the wings in some flour. how can i get that crispy coating?

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  1. Buffalo wings are not battered. I might suggest simply deep frying without the flour, make sure the oil is hot enough (I use 375 deg.) and that they cook long enough. They should get reasonably crispy that way.

    1. From your post, it isn't clear to me if you are trying to make "buffalo wings" or if you want crispy battered chicken wings.

      If you want buffalo wings, I like Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing sauce.

      If you want crispy battered chicken wings, try a fried chicken recipe.

      I like no coating seasoned chicken wings. With the right amount of heat and time, the skin crisps up. I cook them in the oven, ~325 until the skin has blistered.

      1. Traditional "hot wings" are just deep fried wings. Or tossed in flour for a little bit more crunch.

        375 degree oil for 12 minutes or so is the magic combination of heat and time. Use your thermometer to check the temp... if it's too low they'll be soggy and seeped with oil.

        Now if you're looking for something with a noticeable battered outside (asian style wings, etc...

        Make batter using a 1:1 mixture of cornstarch and flour, plus an egg and some ice cold water.

        This will give you a nice puffy, crispy coating for your wings. Toss them fresh from the frier into a wok with a nice salt/pepper combination and some slices of jalepeno for salt and pepper wings, or toss them lightly with the following sauce:

        equal parts brown sugar and soy sauce
        lime juice
        reduce slightly over low heat with sliced onion and red bell pepper.

        1. Lightly coat the wings with cornstarch and not flour. The key is not to over coat the wings with starch.

          Make sure your oil is plenty hot and put in couple at a time. If you place a lot of chicken in the hot oil it will cool the oil significantly, thus giving you soggy wings.

          1. The key is keeping the oil temp from dropping and since you probably don't have a deep fryer like the restaurants it's often a difficult task. I've had great success by using a extra deep cast iron (chicken frying) pan that keeps the oil from losing it's heat and still let's me fry 8 -10 wings at once. A friend uses one of these small home style deep fryers and it works well but doesn't cook very many at once. After taking the wings out of the oil you need to place on a paper bag. For the hot sauce use durkees that you keep warm on the stove and melted clarified butter that you add in equel amts (about 1/3 cup ea.) to a bowl with a lid and add the wings and shake. Don't mix the hot sauce and butter ahead of time (thats the real secret to great crispy wings)