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Nov 28, 2005 10:05 AM

How long does it last?

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The freezer is just too full to squeeze anything else into, and the fridge is full. How long does it last in the fridge:

*duck pate?
*And, of course, turkey?

Thanks for any info. (Also, how long does meat last in the freezer?)


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  1. There are so many variables with each, it is hard to say. Among the factors which could reduce shelf life-- exposure to bacteria, time left standing in the "danger zone", how often the refrigerator is opened, how well wrapped the food is (i.e. how much exposure to air). I wouldn't go past 4-5 days for cooked turkey. Probably 5-7 for brisket ( i am assuming it is a cooked brisket? how was it cooked?). Prosciutto maybe 10 days, and I couldn't even guess on the pate.
    As for the freezer, is the meat raw or cooked? I assume raw, and if sealed well enough six months is generally safe, but I have taken well sealed meats out after ayear and had decent results. Remember, once thawed, raw meat should not be refrozen.

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      Well, I generally give cooked poultry 7 days in my very cold fridge, and have never had a problem in a couple of decades of doing this. Red meat can go a bit longer. Cured meat even longer.

      Ground meat -- pate -- the recommendations are usually 2 days, so I'd consider a half week. Normally, the recommendations are about 50% more conservative than they need be, so long as your fridge is cold and not opened a lot into a warm room.

      1. re: Two Forks

        Commercial pate should last a week tightly wrapped, but the taste will suffer after a couple of days. (assuming we're talking about a relatively small piece, not a whole chunk still completely encased in fat.) The prosciutto will last about as long as regular ham "cold cuts" but the taste will start seriously declining after a couple of days. Basically, it will start tasting like dried out, leathery ham with none of the nuance that makes it special. Eat the pate and prosciutto ASAP from a taste standpoint if nothing else.

        1. re: MikeG

          Agree on the prosciutto. It should last pretty long from a "safety" stand point, but you probably wouldn't want to eat it after a few days from a taste standpoint. Ideally you'd eat prosciutto within a few hours of having it sliced. The longer you wait, the harder and less flavorful it gets.