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Nov 27, 2005 09:23 PM

cinnamon sticks

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What's the best way to use cinnamon sticks in recipes, in place of groud cinnamon? I'm guessing microplane, but looking for advice, as I haven't tried it yet, and will be using tons of it for the holidays...thanks!

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  1. Krupp's burr grinder. Accept nothing else.

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    1. re: The Ranger

      so how much do you grind at a time? i always assumed i use it like i use my fresh nutmeg - just grate as much as you need at the time youre using it...

      1. re: naomi

        Enough to cover my recipe needs.

        Most of the Penzey products I order, I use within 4 months. [That first order was a painful waste-management lesson. (sigh)]

        Since that original learning-curve experience, I make sure I only order what I will use within four months. Since order turn-around is so quick, I've gotten pretty good at it.

        To answer your question more specifically, learn to measure using your palm. I know that if I break a sliver of the bark off, I can "premeasure" the amount pretty accurately. If it's a little over, so much the better (mostly). If I _know_ too much of a single spice will kill a dish, I throw out the extra. (shrug) It's inconsequential (to my tastes.)

        There have been moments when my "premeasure" was totally off (can you say peppercorn spiciness?)! Those _were_ problem dishes but -- overall -- I use my burr grinder with little problem.

    2. I usually simmer the stick whole, or broken up, in a liquid, such as syrup, and remove the piece(s) when done (I use the thin bark Mexican kind).