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Nov 26, 2005 07:17 PM

Chocolate Fondue Fountains??

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I've seen these things several times in the catalogues that are now staging a full frontal assault on my mailbox. They must be wearing me down because the fountains are actually starting to look interesting.

I'm hosting two holiday parties and thought that this might be fun. Does anyone have one of the these gadgets? If so, does it work well? Is it a pain to clean? Does it splash when items are put into the flow of chocolate?

Thanks for any help that you can provide!


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  1. I bought one several months ago and have used it once. It was a big hit, especially with the kids. It used 3 cups of chocolate chips and about 3/4 cup of vegetable oil so ingredients aren't expensive. The down side is that it is messy and should be set-up in an area where the mess won't destroy anything of value. The cleanup is also messy as you can imagine melted chocolate goop to be. However, for the joy it brought to everyone dipping their poundcake, fruit and marshmallows in it, it was worth it to me. I do intend to use it a couple of times during the holidays. One important thing is that the cost has come down a lot since my purchase. I paid $100 for mine and just bought one for a friend for $50.

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      I saw them in the local wholesale liquidator for $24.95 two weeks ago.

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        Oh don't tell me!!! Where is local? Do they have a website to order off of? Thanx

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        We have one as well, and would not recommend the non-heavy duty ones. The main thing we didn't like it that it does not keep the chocolate warm, it's not heat that gives you the sheeting effect, it's the oil. We have made it with some cream and liquor (Bailey's) instead of the oil. So you are eating room temp oily chocolate. We prefer our fondue pot over the fountain. That being said, my office is haveing one of the bigger heavy duty ones at our holiday party and I'm looking forward to seeing how that works.

      3. Everytime I consider Chocolate fondue for a buffet type of setup, I imagine chocolate being dripped all over the place by my guests. Perhaps you're a more patient hostess than I, but I don't want to spend the whole night cleaning up chocolate tracked all over the house -- and I have hardwood floors. One can only shudder in contemplation of the mess it would make in a carpeted home.

        1. My two cents: What is the benefit of the fountain over a fondue pot? Seems to me that the fondue pot would be MUCH less messy, AND could be used for other recipes such as cheese fondues. And if the "ingredients" for the fountain include chocolate AND VEGETABLE OIL---well, just ICK, in my opinion!

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            Agreed! They are a gimick that hopefully will go away before too long.

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              A restaurant in my town features one in the evenings - one night our table was right near the fountain and we became completely distracted by all the unsanitary things people were doing - forget the skewers, there were waaaaayyyy too many fingers involved. And one kid bit the end off a marshmallow and stuck THAT end in the chocolate.

              They remind me of Willy Wonka and the kid falling in the river.

              I'll never use one

          2. I own one and love it. I've hosted 2 chocolate parties and also cranked it up for my pal's babyshower. Everybody just loves it. The free floating chocolate actually is more convenient for dipping items in than a traditional fondue pot. Guests can use a fork or just their fingers. The only drawback is that it does waste a lot of chocolate. You need a lot of chocolate to create the sheeting on the fountain. If you want to keep the sheeting going, than you need to replenish the chocolate from time to time. Toward the end, you end up w/ a pool of leftover chocolate that I don't really want to reuse because od the crumbs from the cookies and cake.
            The price of the fountains are going down. I also spent $100 on mine, but have since the same one (stainless steel) for $69.99.

            To answer some of your questions: It has worked well for me. The cleanup isn't bad, but I wouldn't call it easy cleanup. It does not splash when you put items into the sheet of chocolate.

            My 2 cents about parties: if you are going to include this as part of your party, make sure that you don't serve something too heavy. When I did my parties, it was around the fountain. Other than all the fixings that went w/ the fountain, all I served was some appetizers. For my friend's shower, it was all finger food.