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Nov 26, 2005 08:04 AM

Diabetic cooking and baking

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My Dad has develped diabeties.
What do I need to know about cooking for him?
It seems to me it is all about balancing carbs with protiens, which is just plain healthy.
In particular I'm interested to hear best recommendations of the various sugar substitutes. I hear good things about Splenda, but that it doesn't work in everything.

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  1. Here's a link to the American Diabetes Association's website which offers recipes and nutritional advice though I really think starting off with a physician's advice is best. I had a co-worker whose father is diabetic (and she was a candidate for it, too, loving starchy, sweet foods, though I begged her to lay off them) and Weight Watchers helped him tremendously; he swore by it.


    1. Here's some good advice I got off the web:

      "The third class is sugar alcohol like sorbitol and zylitol. Sugar alcohols are not completely metabolized and are very slow to enter the blood stream. They are good sweeteners for diabetics because they don’t cause significant blood sugar swings."

      Click the link to access the rest of the page.


      1. I am a juvenile (insulin dependent) diabetic (36 years!yikes!) and the advice I can give you is this....BALANCE. If there are certain desserts he loves, you probably can modify them or use alternative sweeteners but truly, moderation is key. Example: if dinner is chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies and a dessert and he really wants the dessert, then he should not eat much in the way of a starch(carb.) and have a small amount of dessert. If there are things he likes and you can substitute sweeteners great however you need to then balance out the carb./fat content. Potatoes,bread,corn, beets, fruit,oreos...all equal SUGAR when it is metabolized.