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Nov 25, 2005 09:59 PM

Quick-ripening avocados - Report

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Bought some rock-hard avocados and wanted to see if there was a way to speed up the ripening process.

I recieved two suggestions on Chowhound:

1) The one I alread knew, put them in a paper bag with a cut apple or banana or

2) Bury them in flour. Which sounded strange. But Diane Kennedy was a source for this tip.

I put two of them in a paper bag with a cut apple (and a banana) and buried two in flour. After two days buried in flour, those were ready to eat. Three days after, the paper bag ones are still too hard.

I've transfered them to the flour! Thank you, susu, for that tip.

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  1. WOw. Thanks for sharing your avocado trials. Definitely going to file away that flour tip.

    1. another reason to love chowhound... i would never know that burying avocados in flour speeds up the ripening process. thanks for sharing that bizzare but useful tip.

      1. That's you know why/how it works? And is this an avocado-specific trick, or could one ripen other things in this manner?


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        1. re: Rachel

          I don't know how it works, but I imagine you could use it for ripening other fruits.

        2. Did you notice whether it made your flour smell funny? I'm assuming one or two avocados wouldn't do much, but if it does I'd have to remembver to set aside a bowl of flour when I do that. Thanks for experimenting!

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          1. re: nooodles

            My flour does not smell funny or different at all really. Maybe I'll make some cookies with it and report back.

          2. Eileen asked "Plain, or self-rising?" and I laughed, but then realized, maybe it would make a difference.

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            1. re: bob192

              Good old all-purpose flour. I learned this method over 20 years ago. It does work but I don't often need it my grocery has gotten wise to not pitching out the softening avacados and put stickers on the one that are ripe. It used to be that they thought they were spoiled and old put out the green rocks so you had to plan ahead.