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Nov 25, 2005 09:35 PM

Turkey Stock question

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I noticed this year as well as last year, when I made stock from the bones of the turkeys, which were Dietsel from Whole Foods, the stock became very gelatinous when cooled - in fact, when I make soup with it, if it cools in the bowl too much it gels back up.

I've never had this happen with other turkey bones I(butterball, store brand fresh killed, etc.) in my 10 years of making stock every year.

The stock the past 2 years has also tasted better.

Does anyone know what the difference would be, and why one would be so much better than the other?

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  1. Can't answer your question, but this happened to me too this year. In past years, I've skipped the roasting of the turkey parts and I haven't had the congealing that I did this year when I roasted. I also cooked the stock down a bit this year which I haven't done in the past. I've used kosher turkeys the past few years. I just figured it was the roasting and the cooking down and that maybe I was making soup rather than stock in the past- ???

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      That's interesting, I didn't roast the turkey parts afterwards, I just cut most of the meat away, broke it up and cooked it.

      I didn't cook it down either.

    2. A healthier bird has heartier bones and cartilage that will produce more gelatins. Hey.... you'll have stronger fingernails for it. As for taste, whether you brined the bird in a berry (juniper, allspice, etc) seasoned brine before roasting may make a diff.