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Nov 25, 2005 07:37 PM

Question about apple in stuffing

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I made a stuffing recipe from Epicurious that called for Fuji or Gala apples. One of the commentors said she used Granny Smiths, since she prefers a tart apple. I also prefer tart apples, so I, too, used Granny Smiths. The apples came out tasteless. The bites of stuffing didn't have the hit of apple I expected and when I picked out a little apple cube to eat just that, it hardly had any flavor.

Do Granny Smiths lose flavor when cooked or did I just happen to get some relatively flavorless examples?

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  1. I think the latter: I haven't had a good Granny Smith in years.

    I used Pink Ladies in my stuffing and they were perfect.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I believe you about not finding good Granny Smiths, but I think it is actually mostly the former. Indeed, Joy of Cooking (in their apple pie recipe) specifically recommends against using Granny Smith apples in pie, noting that they loose their tartness and flavor in cooking...I suspect that if that is the case for pie that it would also be true for cooked stuffing.

      JOC recommends golden delicious or Gala for the pie. The galas I've been getting lately have been very good.

      1. re: susancsinf
        janet of reno

        well, I *always* use Granny Smith's in my apple pies, and I haven't heard any complaints, even from you :) I find them plenty tart enough after cooking, and I like my filing with a bit of tartness. I must admit I usually buy the Thanksgiving apples from a Farmer's Market or Apple Hill, not from the supermarket (if that makes a difference). Now, this year I used a combination of Granny Smith's and a couple of Galas, and it was very, very good. (but in the past they've often been just the granny's). BTW, I would not think golden delicious would be good in pie...too mushy usually, IMO. That's another reason why I like the grannys: they keep their texture. Back to the OP's question: I have used Granny Smith's in stuffing in the past, and they worked fine. This year I didn't; my kid ate all the extra ones once the pies were made.......

        1. re: janet of reno

          Following the JOC advice, this year I made my apple pie with a combo of Galas and Golden Delicious, which I thought worked. Clearly, next year (or sooner) we are going to have to do a blind 'taste-off'! :-)

          Will report results back on the board...

    2. Any apple that knocks my socks off when I eat it is gonna be good cooked, since snap and flavor are what I go for. This year's Washington Fujis have been utterly killer, even the ones from the middleclass supermarkets, and that's what I'm gonna use for my Christmas desserts and my New Year's choucroute garni. If the flesh is firm and the flavor cidery and sweet, cook it! If any of these things are lacking, you're wasting time and money.