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Nov 25, 2005 05:21 AM

OK - now I need ideas for leftover turkey

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We made a 12lb turkey for the two of us so needless to say there are a lot of leftovers.

What are the rules for freezing? What are some interesting ways to use turkey? More ethnic/spicy recipes would be ideal. Thanks

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  1. Our favorite way to use turkey meat is to make turkey enchiladas...I'll post the recipe link below but with a caution for you to make your own enchilada sauce which takes about 20 minutes or so and is far superior to anything in a can and if you read the ingredients for the canned stuff, it will turn you off... well, the canned stuff where I shop, anyway. I use Emeril's recipe for enchilada sauce but there are tons of good recipes out there.


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      I plan to do make-ahead chicken pot pie filling this weekend for freezing (which I would then pop into a shell or put in a casserole and cover with puff pastry). I found an Alton Brown recipe on Food Network's site for Curry Chicken Pot Pie that sounds good, and I'm sure it would work really well for turkey.

    2. "Turkey Hash" is one of my favorite things. Mix together turkey meat, bread stuffing and gravy. Bake until hot and turning crispy on top.

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        I make stock from the carcass, and then its turkey and andoiulle gumbo.

        1. Well, the remaining half of our 11 lb. turkey went into one of those really big zip lock type bags and out onto the porch table last night. Since it is now 18 F I have frozen turkey with no effort. We will be using the remaining turkey on 12/10 to make turkey mole enchiladas.

          1. turkey mole, and turkey sandwiches made with chipolte mayo

            chipolte mayo:
            start with one canned chipolte chile and a little of the adobo sauce it comes in and blend with commercial mayo. taste, add more adobo, another chipolte, or mayo depending on if you want it spicier or more mild.