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Your Thanksgiving Day Menu!!

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I can't believe we haven't done this post yet!! But I dunno about the rest of you, but with it only being one more day for this Mexican Caribbean girl to have her first traditional New England Thanksgiving!! I'm just SO excited!!! :)

Here's what we got on our menu:

Alton's Brined Roast Turkey (With a few tweaks): This will be the first time me trying home brined turkey!

Sausage Stuffing (Using sweet and spicy italian stuffing): I made the bread cubes on Monday and had fun doing it! I am making my own Croutons from now on! :)

Garlic Mashed Potatoes: BF's published recipe! :)

Creamed Onions and Peas: Thanks Dana for getting me over my frozen Onion Snobbiness... ;)

Ginger Sliced Carrots: Simple recipe we have every year

Orange Cranberry Sauce and Ginger Cranberry Sauce: I want to do a boozy one (Orange) and BF wants to do Altons (Ginger), so why not do both! LOL!

Homemade Rolls: Gotta take advanage to BF's breadmaking Skills

Brown Bread: To snack on while cooking

Apple and Tart Cherry Pie: My very first pie! Hopefully it comes out as wonderful as last time!

Cranberry and Chocolate Bread Pudding: A friends slightly boozy recipe! :)

And in the morning BF is making Stickey Buns.

With Alices Restaurant playing in the background, it will be a thankgiving unlike anything my parents ever experienced! LOL!

Thanks so much for all your advice and recipes and I hope all the cooks on this board have a great time cooking and w wonderful thanksgiving! :)


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  1. Celery Root Soup with Spiced Maple Vinegar from last week's NTY

    Turkey and Gravy
    Cabernet Cranberries
    Oyster Dressing
    Mashed Potatoes with butter and cream
    Chipotle Sweet Potato Gratin from CH last Friday
    Green Beans with Toasted Pine Nuts and Lemon
    Collards with Country Ham

    Ruby Red Grapefruit Granita with Tarragon

    Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream and Bourbon and Pecan Caramel Sauce
    Pear Mincemeat Pie
    Pumpkin Cream Horns

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    1. re: Candy

      Do you have room for one extra guest? ;)

      1. re: theSauce

        Actually yes, there is one chair available.

      2. re: Candy

        Would you report on the Celery Root Soup with Spiced Maple Vinegar at some point? Recipe looks great and I'd like to hear about it firsthand. In particular, does the maple vinegar mix in when topped with the soup? I considered layering the vinegar on top.

      3. Nice post. I hope your first traditional NE Thanksgiving Dinner is wonderful.

        This year, after reading many purist posts from Chowhounds, I was inspired to simplify. Here's what I'm making:

        (for nibbles)
        Port cheese spread with crackers
        Sweet & spicy pecans

        Artichoke Cornbread Stuffing
        Pepperidge Farm bag stuffing (if I don't include this one, a few people threaten to walk out)
        Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
        Roasted Cauliflower (I throw together the cauli w/ evoo, mustard, breadcrumbs and a little good parm at the end)
        Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Pistachio Nuts
        Spinach Balls (from a chowhound's post)
        Cheese straws
        easy cranberry sauce (the recipe Nikki Rothman posted)
        the turkey will be made by my grandmother, as always

        Coconut Cream Pie
        Pumpkin Pie (am trying the Libby's version this year instead of my usual, from Rose Beranbaum)

        Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

        1. Since it's just me and 2 friends, with no great fondness for turkey:

          Roast chicken (Marcella Hazan's recipe)
          Mixed greens with pomegranate, fennel, and ricotta salata
          Maple mashed sweet potatoes
          Roasted green beans and red onions with balsamic vinegar
          Cornbread, sausage, cranberry stuffing

          Ginger honey pumpkin pie, with whipped cream and a little cranberry compote

          1. We are having a cooperative Thanksgiving at the home of good friends and our stated goal is to keep it very simple:
            red pepper hummos and crackers for nibbles
            roasted fresh kosher turkey & giblet gravy
            roasted veggies (I have parsnips, beets, carrots, onions, mushrooms and broccoli: will figure out the combinations tomorrow)
            baked sweet potatoes
            cranberry sauce/relish
            pumpkin pie (made with soy milk)
            assorted sorbets
            wine: Bartenura moscato d'asti & Baron Herzog cabernet sauvignon

            1. Happy Thanksgiving all!

              Baked Brie en croute with cranberry compote
              Puff pastry pesto, and tapenade pinwheels
              Blue cheese and caramelized shallot dip with chips and crudites
              Warm Rosemary Cashews
              Marinated Cocktail Shrimp in herbed oil

              Apple, dried cranberry, and pecan salad with baby greens and maple dressing

              Main Meal:
              Mango-chutney glazed ham with honey mustard sauce
              Deep Fried Turkey and Gravy
              Grand Marnier, Apricot, and Chestnut Stuffing
              Maple Squash Puree
              Creamed Peas and Pearl Onions
              Mashed potatoes with leeks and fresh thyme
              Cranberry sauce with Marsala, cherries, and rosemary (from Funwithfood's recipe on this board)
              Canned jellied cranberry sauce

              Mom's bringing sweet potatoes, and a friend is bringing a Lebanese rice stuffing called Hashwey (yum)

              Crescent rolls and cream cheese biscuits with pear butter

              Brandied Pumpkin pie
              Blueberry Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream
              Pecan Pie Ginger Cheesecake
              Pumpkin Ice Cream

              Okay, now I have to go bake some pies!

              1. Another one of these YUMMY posts reminded me... Mom is making her Mexican Style Cannied Yams! YUM!!! :)

                Also, someone's Cranberry Compote got me thinking... One of my cranberry sauces would go WONDERFUL on top of a chocolate cake... Hmmm... :)


                1. Sounds wonderful.

                  We go to my sister's for Thanksgiving. Our group will consist of a Zen Buddhist priest and 4 regular Buddhists, and 3 atheists. Can it get any better than that?

                  I love Thnksgv as I'm only in charge of the dessert and an hors d'oeuvre (what my father grossly called "horse ovaries" - we thought it hilarious at age 11).

                  She makes

                  Roasted turkey
                  stuffing with different mushrooms
                  red cabbage with caraway seeds and apples
                  sliced cukes and red onions marinated in sour cream
                  fresh cranberry and orange relish
                  apple tart

                  I make mixed olives marinated in toasted cumin and coriander seeds, red pepper flakes, garlic, orange peel, cilantro, basil (if I can find it) and feta and olive oil. Recipes on epi. Herb-Marinated Feta and Olives.

                  fresh cranberry chutney from SF Chron last Wed.

                  pumpkin marbled cheesecake.

                  I'm making this cheesecake for the first time and am a tad worried. I usually make the bourbon sour cream pumpkin cheesecake from Epicurious but wanted to try something new.

                  The recipe is also from Epicurious, but the oven temperature looks like a typo -- 550 for part of the time and then lower for the rest. Luckily I scrolled down to the review section and saw all the posts about how their cheesecakes were burned. There's a post that gives a more realistic temp. but it's still a bit unnerving. You'd think Epicurious would have corrected it by now.

                  I plan to give a toast to begin our dinner (8 people). One of my father's old faves. "There are 4 potatoes and 4 of us. Thank the lord there are no more of us.

                  Best, Oakjoan

                  1. There are just two of us, so I have to keep the number of courses small.

                    Haitian-style Roast Turkey (from the NY Times; I don't like plain turkey, so I figure that spicing it up will probably make me a happier camper this year)

                    Traditional Stuffing (bread, celery, sage, onions, butter, eggs -- I LOVE this stuff)

                    Cranberry Compote (a la Gelsons since I really like their version)

                    Root Vegetable Salad (celery root, fennel, carrots)

                    Pommes Puree (Joel Robuchon's supposed recipe)

                    Carrot Pudding (might save this for another meal)

                    Pumpkin Mousse Tartletts

                    1. j
                      Janet from Richmond

                      Our menu...

                      My brother Bill's famous oyster stew
                      Roasted turkey stuffed with mushroom and bread stuffing, turkey is organic/free range, stuffing is husband's speciality
                      Gravy...I'm in charge of that
                      Mashed Yukon Golds
                      Bill's orange marmalade sweet potatoes
                      Cranberry sauce (not from a can )
                      Southern green beans (my specialty)
                      Parkerhouse rolls
                      Sauteed corn

                      Chocolate cream pie and pumpkin pie for dessert

                      Husband is in charge of wine. He came home with a case, so we are ready.

                      1. Ooh, I'll play!

                        Gravlax w/mustard dill sauce (brought by a guest)
                        Yogurt w/ pomegranite seeds, scallion & cilantro, endive spears & spiced pita for dipping

                        Salad w/ roasted cauliflower, radicchio, romaine, hazelnuts and parsley, dressed w/ a vinaigrette, then drizzled w/ pumpkin seed oil

                        Turkey (pre-salted, herbed) and gravy w/herbs and either sherry or calvados
                        Stuffing #1: oyster & leek, etc.
                        Stuffing #2: chestnut, bacon, leeks and sage, etc.
                        Green beans w/ chanterelles & shallots
                        Roasted onions w/balsamic glaze
                        Carrot & rutabaga puree
                        Mashed potatoes
                        Cranberry sauce w/ juniper, bay, shallots & sherry vinegar

                        A long walk, then:

                        Apple crumb pie
                        Pecan pie
                        Pumpkin pie
                        Maple tart (the only thing in the WHOLE menu that my 13 yr. will eat!) (He wants ribs.)

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                        1. re: Noeldottir

                          ooh, gravlax is a nice touch, and the salad sounds delicious!

                        2. j
                          janet of reno

                          Mine is pretty traditional: Alton Brown's brined turkey recipe, chestnut-sage dressing (with a few pippan apples thrown in), mashed potatoes, baked yams, rolls, steamed green beans, apple pie, pumpkin pie (a la mode if desired). Oh, and giblet gravy. All home made except the rolls, but they were fresh baked today. Football muchies before hand: marinated asparagus spears, crackers, spinach dip, baby carrots, olives, that kind of thing. Our one non-traditional touch is my SIL's recipe for cranberry chutney. Tastes great with turkey, and even better with the turkey sandwiches the next day.

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                          1. re: janet of reno
                            janet of reno

                            Oh, and my son's girlfriend (who is from Japan) is cooking something. Since she apparently only knows how to cook Japanese food, it ought to be an interesting addition to the mix. She does have a reputation as an excellent cook, so I'm looking forward to tasting whatever she makes....

                            1. re: janet of reno

                              We invited our friend from Japan to have dinner with us and my family, and just learned she is bringing sushi! Which will be a nice addition to our rather traditional dinner of:

                              Turkey breast with sausage and dried apricot stuffing (served with Riesling)
                              Mashed potatoes
                              Roasted green beans
                              Homemade rolls
                              Orange/Grand Marnier cranberry sauce (alongside the canned jellied kind)
                              Chocolate pecan pie
                              Apple crisp

                              I imagine there will be Manhattans sometime during the day as well. :)

                              Happy Thanksgiving, all!


                          2. Snacking first with various cheeses and crackers, pumpkin pickles (sweet tart, made them for the first time), nuts, olives.

                            Roast duck with palm fruit glaze (Brahea edulis fruit off my tree).

                            Cherry conserve with orange sauce.

                            Herb dressing with apples and dried apricots.

                            Garlic mashed potatoes.

                            Buttered peas and morels (dried soaked).

                            Savory creamed spinach (cream fraiche and mustard) in roasted pumpkin wedges.

                            And dessert - MIL's pumpkin pie, a toffee cake, ginger ice cream, pumpkin ice cream.

                            1. Wow- great menus. I lost my notepad and was just reconstructing my menu.

                              All served buffet style

                              Before nibbles: shrimp in a cilantro pesto; chicken & leek dumplings w/ citrus/soy dipping sauce

                              Main Meal:
                              Roast Turkey w/ herbal rub & tangerine/garlic/lemon inside
                              Smoked turkey w/ balsamic "bath"- heated off to the side on the Weber Q. Throwing in 2 star anise just to confuse everyone's noses
                              Roasted cauliflower w/ bacon fat, garlic & pepper
                              Cabbage slaw w/ cucumber, apple, and creamy ginger mustard dressing
                              Carrot salad w/ pineapple (brought by a guest)
                              Cornbread stuffing baked separately
                              Chap che (unsure of spelling)- Korean room temp clear yam noodles, w/beef/spinach/wood ears/cabbage/sesame oil purchased from market that makes huge quantities on site (at request of god-daughter who adores it)
                              Fresh warm bread w/ butter
                              Jasmine rice in rice cooker w/ crab "schmoo" (juice from boiled fresh crabs saved in freezer), ginger,saffron,dry mustard, bean sprouts, straw shrooms, coconut milk.

                              Pumpkin & sweet poatoe pies purchased
                              Chocolate chip cookies (a tradition at every holiday)
                              Coconut cranberry cookies

                              Sounds like a Bobby Flay mish-mash- but it keeps everybody very happy & they all take home their faves- picked up some storage containers on sale to assist in leftover take home.

                              1. This is the first Thanksgiving my husband has been home in 7 or 8 years. This is also the first Thanksgiving dinner I've cooked ON Thanksgivining since 1987. (I've had "Thanksgiving" in October and the Monday following Thanksgiving proper.) Needless to say, I'm pulling out all the stops for the two of us!
                                1st course
                                Prawns with peppers and sopressata (adapted from a 20 year old Food & Wine issue)
                                Prosecco and Cranberry cocktails

                                Butternut Squash and Leek Soup (adapted from F& W also)
                                Millbrook Chardonnay

                                Rosemary-Cider Granita (my own)

                                Roasted Turkey (brined in my very own concoction)
                                Wild rice with dried cranberries, mushrooms and pumpkin seeds (me again)
                                Sweet potatoes with bourbon (F & W)
                                Funwithfood's Cranberry and Cherry with rosemary sauce (slightly adapted)
                                Green beans with garlic and mustard seeds (adapted from Madhur Jaffrey - my husband wants these any time you say "green beans" in front of him)
                                Some sort of mid-weight, fruity red wine - I have to see what's in the racks at home

                                Arugula salad with fennel

                                Pumpkin pie
                                Apple tart
                                Goldschlager or Chartreuse

                                1. Mine is as follows:

                                  Alice Water's 3-Day brine turkey
                                  Musrhoom shallot and sherry gravy
                                  Orange, apple cranberry chutney
                                  Roasted sweet potatos and butternut squash with sage and rosemary.
                                  Cornbread dressing with sausages and chestnuts
                                  Quick green bean sauteed with garlic and mint
                                  Wild rice salad with walnut and cranberry
                                  Panchetta braised artichoke hearts
                                  And Pumpkin cranberry upside down cake

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                                  1. re: Wendy Lai

                                    Let us know how that Pumpkin-Cranberry Upside Down Cake comes out--never thought of that combo.

                                  2. Before dinner: cheese, crackers, smoked sausage, clam chowder, Mexican dip, chips and stuffed mushrooms, olives, pickles.

                                    For dinner
                                    Roasted turkey,stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes flavored with a bit of maple syrup, green beans, butternut squash, spinach,carrots, creamed cauliflower and onions, asparaus,corn, rolls, cabbage salad .

                                    For dessert: apple pie, blueberry pie, pecan pie, key lime pie, lemon merangue pie,pumpkin pie mousee thingy ( from SIL) truffles, and something chocolate from my SIL.

                                    CAn't wait- have alredy made the creamed cauliflower and gotten the squash, green beans and carrots ready to cook. MAde the stuffing ( 8 loaves of bread) and am now going to enjoy a glass of wine and read this site for a while. Dinner is Chinese take out. Hope everyone has a great holiday.

                                    1. c
                                      Caitlin McGrath

                                      I'll play. It's a shared effort, so I'm not positive about the outcome, but this is probably it.

                                      Pomegranate juice with prosecco/sparkling water
                                      Roasted spiced nuts
                                      Marinated mushrooms
                                      Savory pastry bites (my mother always makes these, with leftover pie dough, usually filled with a bit of cheese and herbs, chutney, etc.)

                                      Dry-brined turkey with herbs
                                      Thyme gravy
                                      Bread stuffing with leeks, apples, dried cranberries
                                      Cabernet cranberry sauce
                                      Cranberry pomegranate sauce
                                      Mashed yams with cider and ginger
                                      Green beans with orange-rosemary gremolata
                                      Mashed potatoes and carrots

                                      Pumpkin pie
                                      Spiced apple pie (my mother's compromise for those who don't care for mincemeat: sliced apples, plus currants, spices, etc.)
                                      Maple pecan pie

                                      1. j
                                        Jane Hathaway

                                        Here's our vegetarian menu:

                                        Squashaladas, recipe courtesy of Snackish on this board a few weeks ago. I tested these out and my husband went crazy for them.

                                        Mashed potatoes with olive oil and carmelized onions plus regular mashed potatoes.

                                        Southwest cornbread dressing.

                                        Traditional bread dressing.

                                        Corn and quinoa chowder.


                                        Apple pie - trying a new recipe from the current Bon Appetit.

                                        Pumpkin pie.

                                        Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and thanks for all of the great tips this (and every) year!

                                        1. b

                                          I am making a menu straight from Fine Cooking. It's simple since it will only be the 3 of us.

                                          Brined turkey
                                          bacon, prune and chestnut stuffing
                                          cranberry sauce with orange
                                          roasted brussel sprouts

                                          pecan pie

                                          1. Apps:
                                            Three Cheese Pastry Puffs (Sunset Mag)
                                            Golden Savory Almonds

                                            Pear, Stilton and Arugula Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette
                                            Green Beans with Lemon and Pine Nuts
                                            Brined Big Bird Turkey with Roasted Garlic/Thyme Paste
                                            Baked Tomatoes
                                            Mashed Potatoes
                                            Homemade Gravy
                                            Sage Stuffing with cornbread
                                            Cranberry Ginger Relish

                                            Apple Tart
                                            Pecan Tart with Bourbon Whipped Cream

                                            . and then we're all going to go see Harry Potter. Happy Thanksgiving Chowhounds!

                                            1. Nibbles: artisanal cheeses, fig jam, nuts, brushetta, crudite and various chips and dips for the kiddies.

                                              Mixed Baby Green Salad w/Balsamic Vinaigrette

                                              Herbed Roast Turkey Breast with Pan Gravy

                                              Fresh Cranberry Vanilla Orange Sauce (my own recipe)

                                              Sourdough Artichoke, Sundried Tomato & Basil Stuffing

                                              Pepperidge Farm Stuffing (same as someone wrote below -my family would have freak if this wasn't there - the homemade one above is my attempt at getting them to start trying new things)

                                              Fall Spiced Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Pineapple & Marshmallows (another family favorite)

                                              Herb Mashed Potatoes (for those not keen on the sweet ones)

                                              Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta & Shallots

                                              Sauteed Green Beans Almondine

                                              Balsamic Glazed Cippolini Onions

                                              Pasta with Butter for 4 little girls who eat nothing else (blah!)

                                              Apple, Blueberry & Pecan Pie

                                              Fruit Salad

                                              A ridiculous amount of Entamen's (sp?) donuts - no thanks to my sister :-)


                                              1. Wow, I'm amazed at these menus I'm reading. You're all making me feel like a slug- and this after I spent the entire day prepping for tomorrow's buffet. I'm putting out some almond stuffed green olives and kalamata olives, and some hot pepper jelly on water crackers as starters. Making a kosher turkey stuffed with an orange and fresh herbs. Have my turkey stock ready to go for the gravy. Sides are a sweet potato casserole from Epicurious- it's got a sugar, butter, pecan topping, and has maple syrup, eggs, and vanilla extract in the pureed sweet potatoes; green beans with herb butter; Marcella Hazan's braised cabbage; a simple bread stuffing of onions/celery, sage and parsley, and walnuts; and cranberry sauce. Guests are bringing a mashed potato/noodle dish that is a tradition in their family. For dessert, my pumpkin pies and a guest's fabulous apple pie. Happy chowing everyone!

                                                1. I hope you all have a blessed day!

                                                  Funwithfood's Thanksgiving Dinner 2005

                                                  Butternut Squash Bisque
                                                  Infused with Sage & Bacon with a drizzle of Cider Cream

                                                  Jewel Mold of Layered Berries, Cream Fraiche,
                                                  & Lemon-Mandarin Jello

                                                  Spiced Sweet Potato Biscuits
                                                  with orange-honey butter

                                                  Shallot & Bacon Roasted Brussels Sprouts

                                                  Elegant Yam Casserole

                                                  Gratin of Creamy Corn with Fresh Thyme
                                                  topped with Panko & Parmesan

                                                  Herbed Mashed Potatoes
                                                  & Rich Turkey Gravy with Sercial Madeira

                                                  Citrus-Herb Brined and Roasted Turkey
                                                  with Chestnut & Herb Stuffing

                                                  Cranberry Sauce with Cherries,
                                                  Marsala, and Fresh Rosemary

                                                  Cheesecake with Caramel & Fleur de Sel

                                                  Pumpkin Ice Cream Torte

                                                  1. We had a 13-lb. deep-fried turkey injected with melted butter, white Bordeaux, cayenne, white pepper, paprika, onion powder, salt and crushed dried thyme. There are never any leftovers from this bird.

                                                    The larger 20-lb. bird, rubbed with sage and thyme, salt and pepper was roasted on chunks of onion, celery and carrot, sprigs of fresh rosemary, thyme and sage and white wine. Stuffing was a traditional sausage stuffing made with both white bread and cornbread. I always add some chopped-up water chestnuts for a bit of crunchiness. Gravy, which is a take-off of Cook's Illustrated "Best Turkey Gravy", was delicious.

                                                    Paul Prudhomme's Cajun Oyster Dressing, which I always double, had to be tripled to accomodate 20 dinner guests.

                                                    Peas, sweet potato casserole from a family member, mashed potatoes, corn muffins from another family member, five kinds of olives and assorted pickles, and two artichoke appetizers - one from a friend and one from my daughter, and a lovely brie appetizer from another friend, mixed nuts tossed in with Japanese rice crackers, plus an orange set salad.

                                                    I had made my orange/cranberry relish three weeks before, and we also had a fresh-cooked cranberry sauce flavored with cinnamon stick and brandy.

                                                    I also made creamed onions with a twist: added reconstituted dried porcini mushrooms to the Bechamel, which everyone claimed was far better than the regular pearl onions in cream sauce.

                                                    For dessert we had two each pumpkin pies with Chantilly cream, pecan pies and apple, plus coffee, tea and assorted after-dinner liqueurs and brandy. Wines served with the meal were a choice of a nice Riesling, two different Merlots and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

                                                    No one went home hungry, and judging from the paltry amount of leftovers, they enjoyed the food.

                                                    1. Apps
                                                      cold smoked salmon with dill cream cheese and homemade sage bread (wife)
                                                      beef curry roti (son)
                                                      russian mushroom spread (guest)
                                                      cheeses smuggled in last week from Switzerland

                                                      Roast turkey (unbrined)and gravy
                                                      stuffing aforementioned sage bread, celery and onions
                                                      succotash (with corn that we put back last summer)
                                                      sweet potatoes
                                                      creamed spinach

                                                      mixed green salad with cranberries and dill (guest)

                                                      homemade pumpkin and apple (jonah gold and granny smith) pie, wife's chocolate hazelnut biscotti

                                                      Duvel Belgian Beer and Villa Marchese Pinot Grigio (89 Cote Rotie had no takers and alas remained unopened)

                                                      Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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                                                      1. re: gourmaniac


                                                        Happy easter everyone :)

                                                        Heres my meal for tonite

                                                        This is what I am eating tonite, I made it before, very tasty 4.gif

                                                        Recipe of Ham and beer & maple syrup ( crockpot recipe )

                                                        Preparation time: 10 hours on low or 5 hours on high

                                                        Portions: 8

                                                        Préparation time : 15 min

                                                        Recipe by: Nathalie Blondeau


                                                        4 to 5 lbs ham with the bone( picnic style )

                                                        You may also use boneless ham, toupie center ( that is what I am using tonite


                                                        1 bottle of regular beer, not a strong beer, use a regular mild beer.

                                                        1/2 cup of maple syrup

                                                        2 onions cut in slices

                                                        1 teaspoon of dried mustard

                                                        Place the onions in the crockpot first

                                                        Then include your ham

                                                        Then pour the botle of beer, maple syrup and dried mustard

                                                        Cover it & let it cook 10 hours on low (I also tried 5 hours on high )

                                                        Serve thick slices ( you may pour some pineapple sauce if you want )with mashed patatoes & a green vegetable( I love brocoli ).