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Nov 22, 2005 09:27 PM

What type of bread to use for stuffing?

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I'm making the New England Stuffing with Sausage, Apples,and Dried Cranberries from Epicurious. I want to make my own bread cubes for it. What type of bread do you think would be best? I brought home two artisan bakery loaves, one pugliese and one sweet batard. Would a mixture of these two be good? I want it to taste like "traditional" stuffing, but don't want to use the packaged dried bread cubes that look like dried wonder bread.

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  1. The traditional New England bread to make thanksgiving stuffing is Pepperidge Farm white bread. I kid you not. This is maybe the ONE place where waspy white-bread is your best choice. Some people toast it, some don't. I say freeze those artisan breads and use them to make some nice muffaletta sandwiches, panini, garlic bread or meatball heroes a week or so after Thanksgiving.

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      this New Englander's family has always saved stale bread leftovers of all sorts in a plastic cooky jar, then cut them up for the stuffing. White, wheat, rye, challah, raisin bread -- the more the merrier. Ahem - we did find that bagels were not the way to go - leaden and soggy.

    2. Challah

      1. I use whatever has been getting stale in the fridge. Rye, baguette, 7-grain -- even bagels. They all seem to come out the same.

        I usually add a bag of Pepperidge Farm cornbread stuffing mix, since I like that flavor.

        I'd say anything except sweetened breads.

        1. I like to use a good has a nice tang to it.

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            Yup! Love Sourdough!! I took a couple of really good loaves and cubed them up, layed them all out on a cookie sheet and baked them at 250 for an hour... Out came perfect crunchy bread cubes!! (Of course I had to try some... that is what a good cook does! ;))

            At first, I wanted to use Artisan bread, but I worried about the holes in the bread and the thick crusts making the stuffing being a little too soggy or tought at bites with the crusts. I like my stuffing to have a little body but also be smooth.

            I can't wait to make it!! :)


          2. I have experimented with everything that's been mentioned here but I found that I actually get the best results using good quality white bread. I go an intitutional grocer (Smart & Final) and buy their private label pullman loaves, which are supplied by Orowheat Bakery. I put the bread slices on the upper rack of the oven at the lowest temperature setting until they are semi-dry and then slice them into cubes.