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Nov 22, 2005 08:34 AM

Vegetarian Sandwich Ideas?

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My wife has just started a job where she needs to bring her lunch, and she has no refrigerator or microwave at her office. I'm racking my brain trying to come up with ideas for sandwiches that I can pack up for her to bring, ones that will be OK out of the fridge for 4-6 hours and will hold up well without becoming soggy. She's vegetarian but not vegan, and tends to shy away from anything that's too spicy.

I'd very much appreciate any ideas that the collective Chowhound brain trust might have kicking around. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hiya,

    This website has many vegetarian sandwich ideas.

    Hummus wraps are also good. I think the hummus should hold up for a few hours.


    1. 1. salads in tupperware - dressing on the bottom, lettuce on the top, tossed just before eating. You can have marinated chickpeas, quinoa and other grain salads, marinated tofu and all sorts of veg in there.

      2. sliced avocado, thin sliced parmasean cheese, pine nuts, on a nutty/wheaty bread. with or without sprouts.

      3. goat cheese and roasted veg

      4. fresh or smoked mozz and marinated roasted red peppers, and a little of the marinating olive oil on the crusty roll you've built the sandwich on. occasionally with black olive paste for something different.

      5. watercress and cheddar cheese

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      1. re: pitu

        Wouldn't it be bad to have cheese unrefrigerated for 4-6 hours?

        1. re: DeeDee

          it's fine -- cheese is not mayonaise
          I've taken all these sandwiches to the beach!

      2. French bread, basil, tomatoes, a white cheese of your liking, drizzled with olive oil and spices.

        1. First, get a small cooler - 6-pack sized and some Blue Ice freezer paks (the hard plastic ones).
          Refrigeration problem solved - Bring any old sandwich you want. Recommend you put wet items like mustard, mayo and tomato in a separate container and put on sandwich just before eating to avoid sogginess.

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          1. re: EAF

            Thanks for all of the ideas from everyone so far.

            Unfortunately, a cooler's not practical -- she commutes by subway and also has to lug a laptop computer back and forth.

            1. re: Nom De Plume

              There are many soft sided "coolers", some small enough to just hold a sandwich. You can find them at any big box retailer, grocery store and many hardware stores. Some even come in the shape of the proverbial brown bag. She has to carry the sandwich in something right? If you make the sandwich the night before and pack the condiments separately as well it will stay cool even without a freezer pack.

              Lastly- does she have her own space (office/cube, etc)? If so you can get mini plug in fridge, some are so small they only hold a six pack which is perfect for an office.

          2. A Pan Bagnat could be filled with a lot of the suggestions people posted below. Here's how I make it and it travels well. Cut a baguette (or any long loaf of good crusty bread) in half lengthwise leaving a "hinge". Sprinkle with olive oil and spread on crushed garlic. Fill with whatever you like - suggestions: tomatoes, roasted red peppers or green, roasted eggplant, capers, olives, onions, salt, pepper, pesto, sliced cheese, imitation lunch meat, artichoke hearts, herbs (Italian mix or basil, thyme, oregano etc.) Close and wrap tightly in foil. Smush it down and weight it with books or heavy cans or whatever for several hours. This will cause the bread to become saturated with the flavors of the veggies. Slice and wrap to go, pressing again. This keeps well overnight. And I wouldn't worry about keeping cheese out of the refrigerator all morning unless it's a really, really hot summer day with no air conditioning.