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Nov 22, 2005 08:19 AM

Recipe Websites

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Hope I'm posting this in the correct board - it is about home cooking.

I've pretty much exhausted every recipe website I can think of and still haven't quite come up with anything really exciting for Thanksgiving. I really am trying to get my family to find some new favorites, to dispense with the tried and true. So far, I've read through Epicurious, Food TV and Martha Stewart to no avail. I've read through dozens and dozens of various cooking magazine back issues in my home and still I'm not bowled over by anything thus far.

Are there any other gourmet related sites I'm missing? I'm sure there are many, so any suggestions would be appreciated.



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  1. Try Leite's Culinaria


    1. I found the San Francisco Chronicle Thanksgiving food sections to be a great resource. Lots of browsing, lots of ideas for the uninspired. Good luck, it's coming up fast!


      1. Food & Wine magazine has a website.

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          Caitlin McGrath

          Unfortunately, Food & Wine has changed their site so it is no longer public access. You have to be a subscriber or enter a code from the current issue to get access to the recipe archive.

        2. Thanks everyone, I'm going to sift through all of those and hopefully find something wonderful.

          My family is too used to the way my mom cooked her meals. She passed away about 10 years ago, and nobody wants to deviate but, everyone admits none of it is exactly exciting.

          A few years ago, I dispensed with her canned cranberry/walnut/mandarin orange sauce and dared to create my own from scratch. Well, it was a HUGE hit.

          I've also lightened up and freshened up the sweet potato dish by not using canned sweet potatoes. Now I roast them fresh, use no butter (it really doesn't need it), use much less sugar and add in some fall spices instead. The prerequisite pineapple layer is still there (but much less) and the marshmallow topping has stayed - I think this would just be too much for everyone to handle if I got rid of it :-)

          So this year, I've decided that I'm going to try and get rid of or improve upon another dish. I'm adding a roasted brussels sprouts side, and ideally, want to find a new recipe for green beans (sans the canned mushroom soup and stale "french-fried" onion "rings") and something different to do with the stuffing.

          Thanks again! Sorry for blathering!

          1. is the best. They might still have a free 14 day trial period. Otherwise you can pay $3.95 for one months access. Believe me it is well worth the price.

            If you do it, I suggest the crescent rolls. They are really fabulous. You just have to have 2-3 days to do them.