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Nov 22, 2005 06:48 AM

Thanksgiving-themed ice cream ideas

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I'm on, I think, my 6th batch of ice cream here over the past 3 weeks.

Anyhow, wondering what a good idea would be for an ice cream for thanksgiving. I suppose I could look for a pumpkin one, but I'll be having apple and pumpkin pie... so I'd rather have something that complements. Maybe a maple ice cream?

Ideas? recipes?

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  1. b
    Bride of the Juggler

    This site should give you some ideas. It is for a groumet gelato store in Philadelphia, that has many seasonal flavors like pecan sweet potato, and clove. Thank you.


    1. pecan praline? Butter pecan praline??
      Trader Joes has pretty good pralines that you could use in it.

      1. In a pinch, you can get good vanilla ice cream and add ground cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg, blend it and refreeze or to the vanilla add ground ginger, fresh ginger and crystallized and refreeze. Both are great over the pies you mentioned.

        1. cinnamon & ginger ice cream are both excellent for Thanksgiving. You just steep cinnamon sticks or ginger slices in the milk before you make the ice cream mixture. If you have any left over, the ginger makes great floats with orange soda!

          1. I like to make buttermilk ice cream for the holidays. It goes very well with all sorts of spiced desserts. If you're planning to serve the ice cream by itself, then I would suggest adding various spices to give you that holiday feeling.

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              I'll second that recommendation. Buttermilk ice cream is one of my favorites.