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Nov 22, 2005 12:55 AM

Make ahead Thanksgiving bread dressing

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I have a problem in that my folks have only 1 small oven that will fit the Turkey, a few sweet potatoes, and perhaps not much else will fit in it.

Thoughts/experiences on cooking the dressing ahead of time and reheating it when the Turkey comes out?

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  1. I always cook my dressing a day ahead and reheat it for an hour or so on Thankgiving. It comes out wonderful and my family requests that I do this as the top gets nice and browned and almost crispy. We don't like a "goopy" dressing but if you do, just make it a little more moist to compensate for the double cooking/heating.

    1. At my pre-thanksgiving friends' feast this year, I made the bread dressing the day of. Placed in a buttered casserole and reheated (with the green bean casserole) after the bird came out of the oven. **Remember the turkey needs to rest at least 30 minutes and I think it's better even longer. This gives you plenty of time to heat things up in the oven.**

      I moistened the top of the dressing with a little chicken broth before sticking it in the oven but that's a matter of taste.

      1. I always make my dressing ahead, but do not cook it until after the turkey is out of the oven and resting. (Just make sure you have had it out of the fridge for an hour so it can bake quickly.)

        Not sure what the point would be of baking it ahead--takes the same time to reheat as it does baking it the first time :)

        Note: You can pour some of the fat from the roasted turkey over the dressing before baking for that "in turkey" flavor.