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Nov 21, 2005 04:05 PM

Butternut squash soup - freezable?

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I made butternut squash soup last night as a preview, thinking I'll make a fresh batch on Thanksgiving. Well, turns out I made enough for 2 meals for 2, and a party of 8 on Thanksgiving. I reserved about 2/3 of the puree (before adding cream). Can I freeze the puree for use later without detriment to flavor & consistency? I'm squeamish about leaving it in the frig for 4 days. I'd rather freeze for 3 and take it out Wed for use on Thu. Do you think this plan will work?

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  1. Freezing is fine, but really not necessary for 4 days... especially since you are going to be heating it up again.

    1. For sure, if you have no cream in the soup yet, you can freeze it. If there's no chicken broth in the base, keep it in the fridge. If there is broth in the base, freeze it. Whenever I have anything with meat in it, I won't let it go more than 3 days without putting it in the freezer (paranoid, maybe).

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        Same here about meat (and other proteins). I did use chicken broth. I also find that flavors tend to deteriorate after a few days.