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Nov 21, 2005 12:39 PM

Looking for good/unique sweet potato recipe for Thanksgiving

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Hi there,

I'm tired of my traditional pureed sweet potatoes with marshamallows on top (though I do like the addition of Grand Marnier in the puree!). Does anyone have a sweet potato recipe that both adults and kids will enjoy? Something a bit different from the norm?


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  1. If mustard as an ingredient doesn't put you too far off your turkey, has a recipe for sweet potato salad with mustard vinagrette that I've been modifying to serve as a hot side dish lately.
    Roast the chopped up potatoes, toss with the vinagrette and serve while still warm. I've also added crumbled up bacon or toasted pecans.

    I would make it for Thanksgiving myself, but my boyfriend says it's too radical a departure from traditional turkey day fare.

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      Sunshine Girl

      Sara Moulton just did some recipes from viewers. Since you mentioned kids, they probably wouldn't be so keen on the one recipe (more of a salad with sweet potatoes). However, this twist on your mashed sweet potatoes would be fun and entertaining for the kids (especially if you get them to help!).


      1. Kids and adults really like this one.


        1. There's a Jewish recipe called tzimmes ("simmess")
          - it's cubed carrots, pitted prunes and sweet potatoes baked with butter, or a bit of oil, and honey. You can add a little cinnamon too & salt.
          Usually eaten with baked meats or poultry.

          1. It's a fussy thing to make, but for our vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner I'm making sweet potato ravioli with goat cheese and cayenne, and serving with sage butter.