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Nov 21, 2005 10:10 AM

Getting Price Tags off of Cookware

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So I recently bought some assorted kitchen items, all of which had many different tags on them (price tag, manufacturers tag, etc....) getting these stickers off has been a chore, and removing all of the gluey residue nearly impossible. any tricks out there for doing this?

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  1. Buy some Goo Gone. It is handy to have around for just that purpose.

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    1. re: Candy

      3M also manufactures a sticker-removing product in a small, black spray can. It is the best stuff I've ever used (Goo-B-Gone included) and makes the whole room smell of oranges. I used some on my desk at work to remove some old Scotch tape, which was covering various interoffice phone numbers, and my co-workers commented on the wonderful smell all afternoon.....tee hee.

    2. Try "goo gone"--sold in most supermarkets.

      1. Dish soap and warm water.

        1. Oils can act as solvents for label adhesive, as can lighter fluid.

          1. Heating up a price tag (hold a hair dryer on it for 30 seconds or so) really helps the tag (and residue) come off easily. This will not help your current predicament, but may prevent it in the future.

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              WD-40 works very well to dissolve and remove the gummy sticker residue. As someone else said, the goo is oil soluble. I've also used vegetable oil in the past.

              And the hair dryer idea is also a great suggestion. That also works to remove decals.