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Nov 20, 2005 09:50 PM

Herbs for weeks

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Was reading a post where someone mentioned that they usually can't use up their cilantro before it goes bad. With a little extra effort I find that I can keep my cilantro for almost two weeks and sometimes a bit longer. Parsely keeps even longer. Basil keeps well also. Etc.... Start by unwrapping the bunch - untwist the tie and pick out any decaying leaves or brown leaves. Rinse the herbs and shake dry or spin dry if you're that type of person. Partially fill a glass with water....trim off some of the stems - a fresh cut will draw water better - and place the freshly trimmed herbs into the glass. For the longest life - pick off any leaves that will be submerged by the water - they'll decay. I then loosely cover the herbs with a plastic bag and refrigerate. At least a wek and going on two if you're lucky (or good)

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  1. i do exactly the same, and find my cilantro lasts up to 2 weeks, like you say. however, i do find that its flavor seems to fade after 4 or 5 days.

    1. That is a great idea.

      I usually store my herds between paper towels in a baggie and that seems to work for me.

      I'll try your method next time. Thanks!

      1. The glass of water works in keeping celery nice and crispy, too.

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          when do this method for celery - do u cut the base with a knife and put the stalks in the cub of water? or do u just "peel" the celery stalks indiviually and then put in water?
          or perhaps u just stick the intact bundle as a whole in the water?
          sorry if this is quite ignorant sounding...

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            It works for asparagus and broccoli too. They tend to "grow" a little, and the texture does slowly deteriorate - but they don't get shriveled. A bit of sugar and a very tiny bit of salt in the water seems to help.

          2. Excellent method! I use an herb keeper, which is a plastic tube with a rubber lid that you fill with an inch or so of water. My herbs last two weeks in it, too.

            Sounds like your method works on exactly the same principle, without having to invest in kitchen gadgetry. Bravo.