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Nov 20, 2005 07:03 PM

Smoked Fish - How long does it stay fresh?

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After purchasing smoked fish (lox, Nova, sable, etc.) from, say, Zabars, how long should it stay moist and fresh in the refrigerator (assuming it remains wrapped as purchased)?

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  1. I wouldn't keep it in the refrigerator for more than 2, maybe 3, days. But you can freeze it. It holds up very well.

    1. Is it vacuum wrapped?
      According to the Acme website, smoked fish should be consumed within a week of opening the package.
      I just finished off some (only wrapped in paper) that was in my fridge for two weeks.... it smelled fine, it tasted good (despite a slight loss of freshness) and I didn't die. But I bought this smoked salmon strait from the factory, so it was definitely fresh from the start.

      1. I buy only from Russ & Daughters. Upon asking, they say ok to store in refrigerator for one week. My suggestion is to insert each item in a ziploc bag unless already in a plastic sealed container.
        My experience teaches me 3 things: 1-for best taste, consumer in less than 7 days--4-5 is best to avoid drying. 2-are you kidding but who can resist eating up the goodies in more than a few days? Perhaps the stuff wasn't great to start with--try R&D. 3-buy small portions and buy more often (try R&D smoked sea bass when available)