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Nov 20, 2005 01:57 PM

anchovies -- best brand?

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So, which are the ultimate anchovies? Oil- or salt-packed? What brand? The choices at my local gourmet/international market are plentiful and overwhelming.

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  1. salt packed is usually better.

    1. I don't know about *best*, but I cook alot w/ anchovies, and have generally been happy with any decent-looking glass jarful packed in oil (plump, whole). I figure any jar is head and shoulders above the tube of anchovy paste!

      1. The Italian chefs use salt packed. I don't know brands. But if you were to buy them at a good Italian deli you'd be doing yourself a favor.

        1. I like the oil packed, because I always add the oil to what I'm cooking also.

          1. Some say salt-packed are better, but you have to filet them yourself I think. For logistical ease I buy the Ortiz brand in a jar, packed in oil. They are a bit more expensive than other brands, but have really good flavor (and they come with a nice little fork think stuck to the jar). I think Cook's Illustrated or another mag also rated them the best.