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Nov 19, 2005 07:58 AM


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I’m looking for a toaster and a convection/oven in one neat package.

I would be grateful if you all could suggest some models. Space is not an issue.



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  1. I work in a home goods store and we sell Krups, Cuisinart and DeLonghi brands, all about $150-$160, I believe. I've never used any of them myself, but can tell you that the Cusinart and DeLonghi models are returned more often than they should be at the price point.

    1. I would recommend reading reviews on There aren't a whole lot of sturdy toaster ovens that work well and don't break (not sure if this is true for the convection combos). I found my non-convection toaster oven by reading through reviews and buying the one with the least furious rants. :) It works well so far. The DeLonghi toaster oven reviews make for some entertaining reading. Apparently they have the worst customer service ever. Good luck!