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Nov 14, 2005 09:38 AM

Thank you to LindaW and Sir Gawain

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Your two recipes, for a soft pumpkin mousse and Sir G's ultra-simple fruit coffeecake - have had wonderful results at the hospice where I'm cooking. the pumpkin mousse brought smiles, for flavor, texture, general prettiness: someone said it looked and tasted like fall. (couldn't find the link - sorry!)

I've made the coffeecake almost every day - it's so quick I can do it in the middle of breakfast service, infinitely changeable (canned pears w. cinnamon sugar, cranberries, whatever) and so economical I can defend it to my manager - let alone that it was the only thing a patient asked for from my kitchen in his last week. I had a piece of cranberry stashed in the freezer until the end - then a nurse saw it, and said "that's my favorite thing you make, could I have it?" A simple recipe, that does what great ones do - it brings pleasure and happiness.

Gee, thanks guys!


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  1. OK, now you've got me interested....I'm going to have to find these recipes and try them out.

    To hell with the diet! This is research!

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      OK, I can't seem to find the pumpkin mousse recipe....about what day was it posted? Or under what subject heading?

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        I have it printed out at work, so it took me a second to find the post, too: it's Linda-space-W sorry! I used my own tart shell recipe, and added a sheet of (bloomed) gelatin to the pumpkin - but I don't think that was necessary. The simplicity of the uncooked puree and the whipped cream is yummy - and simple (grin)


    2. This recipe has taken on a life of its own in ways that continue to amaze me.