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Nov 14, 2005 08:55 AM

What do I do with apple cider & pork chops?

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I didn’t eat pork growing up and have only recently begun to eat it. While I consider myself a good cook, I am ignorant of all things pork. I bought boneless pork chops, and I know the flavor of pork and apples goes well together. Now I am stuck!

I happen to have apple cider in the fridge, as well as whole apples, so what can I do with these ingredients to produce a tasty pork chop? I also have a well stocked pantry, so I do have other ingredients to bring to the plate.

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  1. Do you have sauerkraut? Sauerkraut is magnificent with pork when rinsed and cooked with sauteed onion, apple, cider (in lieu of white wine or French vermouth) and caraway seed.

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      I do this too. Saute the onion first in butter until golden brown, then add drained (not rinsed, you lose flavor) sauerkraut, diced apple, a sprinkling of caraway seed, and enough cider to moisten and cook covered on low heat for about 20 minutes. Separately sear pork chops in a heavy skillet and place on top of cooking kraut (give it a stir first) and cover to finish cooking chops - another 10 minutes or so.

      1. re: Ellen

        This is a great recipe. I do it much the same and love it. I like the chops cooked pretty tender so I sear them to get them browned then simmer them in liquid (the cider ?) for about 30 minutes. Very good.


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          Personal tastes aside, the need to rinse sauerkraut depends on the saltiness and acidity of the brine. Some are mild with a natural fermentation style that doesn't require it (Kruegermann), but many grocery store offerings are extremely salty and some add vinegar. Taste straight from the jar and decide what suits your dish.

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            What Petradish said. It does vary; canned sauerkraut (which is the lowest form of kraut) tends to need it most.

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            My understanding is that if you heat sauerkraut to the boiling point, you lose the nutritional benefits of the fermentation. It would seem preferable to heat (not cook) your sauerkraut separately and serve w/ pork. Or saute cabbage and eat sauerkraut another time.

        2. you could saute some sliced onions, then add some slice apples and the cider and cook down until the cider is reduced and apples and tender. then add a little cinnamon and curry powder and serve on top of your pork chops. i made some similar last week with chicken sausages and it was delish.

          1. Brine them!

            Use your blender and combine the following ingredients:

            1/4 rough chopped onion
            1 cup apple cidar
            1 TB salt
            1/2 ts garlic powder (optional)

            Mix this well in the blender.
            Add 1 cup oil into the blender, drizzling, to emulsify.

            Pour this mixture over your pork chops in a ziploc bag. Refridgerate for two days.

            Rinse them off, pat dry, and cook!

            Your pork will thank you for it.

            You can also make a nice apple/potato mash to go with them.

            Basically simmer your potatoes as you would for mashed potatoes, but add one or two peeled and chopped apples to the mix.

            Mash them as you would potatoes, adding a bit of apple cidar if you want to increase the apple presence in your mash.

            (Butter, cream, you know how it works...)


            1. saute seasoned pork chops (S&P, and if you like, also: fennel, thyme, red pepper). Remove from heat. saute a chopped onion. Add apple cider and a bit of Worcestshire sauce. Reduce a bit. Put pork chops in caserole dish. Slice peeled & cored apples and place on top of chops. Pour apple cider mixture over chops. Cover and bake for an hour or so until tender. Yum.
              (adapted from Fannie Flagg cookbook, which uses sweet potatoes too, which is good too sliced in w/ apples)