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Nov 14, 2005 08:41 AM

Lemons, lemons and more lemons . . .

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Ok, so our online grocery delivery gave us about 20 lemons instead of a doz limes we ordered so we have all these lemons on hand.
What to do?
My lemon chicken recipe only uses 3-4 lemons and I don't have chicken on hand.
I mada big jar of lemon dressing (just lemon instead of vinegar plus olive oil, garlic, dried herbs).
We baked fish with grated lemon on it...
I may just make a bunch of lemonade... not the season but good in cocktails.
I know I could freeze lemon juice, but what's the best way without taking prime space up in the freezer and then what's the best use? Can small ice cube size pieces be transferred to a bag and then what do you throw them into?
Any lemon recipes that use tons of lemons?

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  1. Limoncello! Just peel the lemons making sure to remove any of the white pith. Put the peels of all 10 lemon in a mason jar and over with good quality vodka. Let sit in a cool dark place for a min of 6 weeks, strain. Make a simple syrup and adds 1 part simple syrup to 2 parts infused vodka. Makes a great gift!!

    For the lemons squeeze and freeze in ice cube trays then transfer to heavy duty zip lock bags. Use the cubes for cocktails, punches, lemonade. For thinks like lemon sauces, cakes etc the cubes melt quickly or you can micro to they are really easy to use.

    1. Preserved lemons!! Just cut the lemons in 6 or 8 slices BUT be sure and leave them intact at the base. Spread kosher or sea salt on the still-attached "innards", put them in a glass jar and fill the jar with lemon juice. Let them sit at room temperature for about a week or 10 days, turning them upside down and then righting them again once a day. Then refrigerate them for up to a year! When ready to use, rinse them and discard all but the peel (though I often use the inner part to put in a chicken cavity when roasting). Great in rice mixed with a bit of lemon olive oil and minced celery or combined with parsley, thyme, garlic and whatever else you want then bound with a dash of evoo and stuffed under the skin of a chicken to roast.

      1. Well, there's always lemon sorbet or granita. Linked a lemon loaf cake recipe that I haven't made but has had good reviews here and uses lots o' lemons.

        Lemons keep for a while so you shouldn't stress about using them up right away. If fresh and firm, I keep them out in a bowl on the counter. If feeling soft and a little old, I'll stick in the crisper in my fridge where they last for a long time.

        I add a squeeze of lemon and/or lemon zest to many dishes to brighten the flavor...greens, fruit desserts, etc.