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Nov 13, 2005 05:55 PM

Vegetarian main course for Thanksgiving

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I've scanned the last month or so of posts on this section of the site, and haven't seen anything directly relating to this topic, so hopefully this won't be a repeat of something already posted. My apologies if it is. Anyway...

I am a picky vegetarian, who eats no meat, poultry, or seafood products, but is willing to eat dairy and eggs. I emphasize that I am picky because I don't want to waste anyone's time here, having them post a recipe that will probably make me cringe like a five year old (basically, I have the palette of a five year old). So, normally for Thanksgiving I just eat any of vegetarian sides that are made, which is absolutely fine with me. I love carbs, and Thanksgiving for a vegetarian is all about getting one's blood sugar so high as to practically need a trip to the emergency room. However, while I am fine with just sides, my sister, also a vegetarian though a less picky/less restrictive vegetarian than myself, will be joining us for dinner this year, thus causing my mother to believe we should have a vegetarian main dish.

So, my question for all of you is, what to make? I can't think of anything that doesn't involve a complex carbohydrate base, and it seems like it would be overkill to make something based around potatoes, pasta, rice, etc. Do you know of any good vegetarian recipes (and they don't have to be Thanksgiving related) that could fit the bill?

Let me clarify what probably won't work: I am not looking for any kind of loaf, any kind of spicy thing, anything based around squash, spinach, asparagus, or eggplant, or Tofurky.

Any and all suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated as I am having trouble getting inspired to cook anything within these parameters since, as I mentioned above, I am completely happy with simply eating sides as I've done for the last 12 years. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would roast a bunch of vegetables that you do like. I would roast broccoli, beets, zucchini etc. Roast them with a bunch of olive oil and kosher salt. These will go great with all of the traditional Thanksgiving sides.

    1. Do you like beans? Because you could serve some homemade baked beans (add some puff pastry cut-outs on top if you need to fancy it up) - they go well with Thanksgiving sides.

      Plus, all the 5-year-olds I know love baked beans... ;-)

      1. Roasted vegetable frittata: you can make ahead, and warm to serve. You decide whether to include cheese or just dress with some grated cheese of choice (Parmigiano, Gruyere, et cet.). Couldn't be simpler.

        For something only slightly carbier, make it as a strata (sort of a frittata done like a very moist savoury bread pudding).

        1. I've made the recipe linked below, Root Vegetable Cobbler with Chive Biscuit Topping for my vegetarian friends, to many compliments, for prior holiday meals. It makes a nice centerpiece for a vegetarian Thanksgiving menu.


          1. It's starch-based, but I do a mushroom risotto. It's an elegant main for the vegetarians, and works as a nice side dish for everyone else.