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Nov 13, 2005 05:52 PM

duck confit salting time?

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hey folks.
how long do you salt your duck when you're making confit? some recipes say 2 hours, some say two days. other recipes say to brine it as opposed to salting it.

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  1. salt em. I find going 24 hours or more gives a me a product a little too salty for my taste-of course YMMV. I usually will go overnight~12hours or so. Practice makes perfect ;).

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      thanks. nothing worse than oversalty confit. well, actually, there are lots of things worse, but it's pretty bad.

    2. Last batch of confit I made I pickled for 3 days...rinsed off the salt and spices. Turned out rather salty, but deliciously pickled. My daughters who are confit connoseurs didn't complain, but next time I will soak in cold water for a few hours before cooking. Shortly after, ate at Pacific's Edge in Carmel, and their confit was just as salty. I think the soaking will do the trick, and let me keep the flavor in the duck. By the way, shrink wrapped (FoodSaver) they keep frozen for over 6 months.