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Nov 13, 2005 05:43 PM

Report on great romseco sauce

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I went to a tapas party last night and brought grilled and roasted veggies with romesco sauce. Everyone thought the sauce was amazing and requested the recipe so I thought post it just in case anyone is looking for a good appetizer to make. I recommend using Muir Glen's roasted tomatoes to save time and adding an extra unseeded pepper for more heat. I felt it didn't need the bread or wine the recipe called for.

BTW all the suggestions regarding my previous post about avoiding soggy veggies worked out great. I used firmer veggies and the more watery ones I either roast or grilled at a high heat so they were toasty on the outside but warm and crunchy on the inside. I placed everything on parchment paper after grilling and roasting. I think it made a huge difference.


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  1. It's Romesco, romseco.

    1. I made the romesco sauce in Zuni last night, for shrimp.
      and for the first time I was unimpressed by a Zuni recipe

      it was time consuming (as advertised) but just not thrillingly worth all the work of rubbing skins off hazelnuts and almonds etc etc etc

      Zuni only called for 2-3 cloves of garlic, unlike the recipe you post - maybe that's the difference.
      Goin has a recipe in the Sunday Suppers book for this too.

      Anyone else have romesco thoughts?