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Not-so-Boring Breakfasts (on Weekdays)

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My husband says he's sick of cereal (come to think of it I am too), but I don't have a lot of time to make breakfast on workdays. So far I've tried whipping up smoothies (yummy, if messy) and also Wasa Crisp Bread spread with cottage cheese and honey. I need a few more things to go into rotation. Any ideas? Must be quick, and bonus points if it's make-aheadable.

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  1. We've had other threads about healthy breakfasts on this board....I've seen so many good posts here for steel-cut oats to make into oatmeal with a crock-pot overnight...would that count as "cereal"? I love oatmeal but the past few times I've prepared it for breakfast, I've had horrid cramps later in the morning...maybe too MUCH fiber? I do try to eat a high-fiber diet. Not sure what that's all about...anyway, you can jazz it up with pecans/raisins/honey, etc. Natural peanut butter on low-fat triscuits and fresh fruit is my mainstay these days; on other days, plain yogurt with fruit preserves mixed in, and then a handful of almonds or peanuts...I've read that protein is very important in every meal and does not need to be animal protein...it DOES help me stay full til lunchtime, that is for sure! My suggestions are not real exciting, I know that!!!

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      I made steel cut oats overnight one time and they were not very good. They wound up like mush, without any of the lovely chewy, nutty texture that makes it so delicious. The upside of this is that steel cut oats keeps very well in the fridge-- you can make a big batch and eat from it for a week. Just pack a to-go container, microwave it at work with a little half and half and a tiny drizzle of honey.

      Oh, and be sure to toast those oats before boiling them!

      Mr. Taster

    2. scramble some eggs and grate some cheese the night before and make a breakfast burrito. you can nuke it in the morning.

      1. Couscous mixed with milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and sweetener. Can add dried fruit as well. Five minutes to stand. Can make ahead and reheat.

        Total yogurt, jam, and granola parfait.

        I'm also addicted to cottage cheese, mixed with barley, cinnamon, vanilla, and splenda, then heated to make a mock rice pudding.

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          I eat a combination of fruit and raw nuts such as pecans, cashews and almonds.

          1. I had the same issue not long ago. Here are some of my solutions - though you have to like savoury brekkies as well as sweet:

            1- Ww tortilla, spread with PB and honey; put a banana in the middle; roll up.

            2- Polenta. If you want to make it the night before, pour it in a loaf pan and slice in the morning. It's good sweet, with maple syrup and fruit; or savoury, with salsa and cheese.

            3- Baked sweet potato - again, the toppings can be savoury or sweet.

            4- Apple grilled cheese. Yum.

            5- Leftovers from dinner. Best bets: rice (if it's plain, you can mix it into yogurt and sweetener for instant rice pudding), pasta, pizza, soup (great in the winter), frittata, dumplings, etc.

            6- Instant fruit crisp. Chop up fruit (or drain some canned), top with granola/crushed graham crackers/nuts/the works, nuke for one minute or so.

            7- Veg or meat hash. Crumble up some burgers (veg or not), mix in leftover veggies (or fry some fresh), add ketchup.

            Basically, whatever's in your fridge can be eaten for breakfast! Although sometimes, nothing beats cereal...

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              Cold pizza beats cereal any day, and then there is migas of which all of the components, chorizo and corn tortillas can be cooked in advance and scrambled together with eggs and topped with cheese and salsa at the last minute. Cold cereal? Not in my house.

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                I didn't say it was always the best, but once in a while, I like my cold cereal - if only for the nostalgia value.

                Plus, you can make some pretty nifty combos if you mix brands and add toppings. It's all about creativity.

            2. Same cereal complaint from my husband a year ago, so I bought one of those little plug in sandwich makers that makes toasted cheese sandwiches. I've made about every combo there is, and they're quick and don't require lots of fats to cook, which makes me happy.

              Of course now he's complaining about toasted cheese sandwiches and been eating Kashi Go Lean Crunch every day... :-)

              1. First thing that had to go when we started our South Beach diet was our usual steelcut oatmeal, but eggs are OK (ooohh, imagine our dismay!). I typically have about fifteen minutes to get breakfast on the table and eat between when my wife comes downstairs and when she leaves for work, so I've been either quick-scrambling eggs with salsa, lowfat cheese and maybe some avocado in them, or cooking the same thing as a frittata, which is easier. I set two or three eggs out before bed, so they'll be room temp, and then mix everything up in the morning while coffee's brewing. I put a Tbs each of canola oil and Earth Balance marge in the nonstick pan over fairly high heat and turn the oven on to 400º Preheat. When the marge sizzles I turn the pan around to coat it, then scrape the egg stuff into it. Leave it there until it's frizzling around the edges, just a minute or so, then put it into the middle of the oven and set the timer for 4 minutes. This cooks the frittata thoroughly without overheating the pan, for all you Teflon-averse folks out there...

                Diced ham, chopped green onion and/or tomato, chopped-up lox trimmings, more cheese or sliced avocado strewn on top before it goes in the oven...all these and more are yummy. What a nice invention.

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                  Another south beach friendly recipe: eggs, cheese, onions, peppers, mushrooms. Mix together, and cook in cupcake tins. Can cook a big batch on the weekend, and frezze individually. They can be reheated in the oven, or popped in the microwave if you are in a rush. I like them when I dont' have time for breakfast at home- easy to eat on the run nor in the ooffice.

                2. Jalapeño pie isn't boring, and it can be made ahead. It's good at room temperature or even cold, so you can just cut a slice or two (or three) and eat it on the go if you need to. Google "jalapeno pie" for recipes. This one is similar to the way I do it. I'd beat some Louisiana hot sauce with the eggs, though.


                  Link: http://www.recipecottage.com/cgi/user...

                  1. My favorite breakfast is re-heated pizza.

                    If you have a good source for tamales, they make a delicious breakfast. I reheat them in the microwave.

                    I agree with the other poster who recommends last night's leftovers. A piece of cold baked chicken with applesauce is a great way to start the day. So is leftover poached fish.

                    Also, really good bread and really good cheese are never boring.

                    Link: http://flyingfur.typepad.com

                    1. If you don't love bagels and lox go no further.
                      If you do, but hate all the trouble with the fixin's and arranging the lox and slicing onions every time you want it, just take your lox, and chunk an onion and add a package of soft cream cheese and process until almost smooth. In the mood? just toast your bagel and spread it on. Keeps in the fridge for two weeks. Serve with sliced grapefruit or melon.

                      1. Another GREAT breakfast is leftover Tortilla Espanola. Love this!

                        1. I can make fried or scrambled eggs, buttered or jammed toast, a piece of fruit, and a beverage in under two minutes (I know because I sometimes make the same for dinner in the evening during a commercial break). Though that doesn't include clean-up time.

                          For a make-ahead idea, chilaquiles can be easily reheated in a toaster oven. I'm sure a microwave would work too but I don't own one. Here's some instructions:

                          Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                          1. Atole, warm & filling masa/corn thickened porridge drink. Many variations, we made a New Mexican-style blue corn version with cinnamon & honey this morning. Great mixed with Mexican chocolate too.

                            Yogurt parfaits that another hound mentioned, especially with diced apple, honey, and muesli.

                            Agree with breakfast couscous suggestion-mixed with butter, cinnamon, raisins or dates, and powdered sugar.

                            1. I make a quick version of egg McMuffin--toast an English muffin, while it's toasting, whip an egg with a little milk in a ramekin--nuke for about a minute, stir and nuke another 10 seconds or till puffy. Lay any slice of cheese (I like sharp cheddar) on the muffin and toast till it's melty, toss on the egg, add s & p to taste. For extra hardy breakfast I sometimes also add the nonmeat sausage patty. Tasty, and easy to eat even in the car.

                              1. Every once in a while I make an apple/blueberry crisp. You can use any fruit combination that bakes well. I bake it the night before and usually it last a few days.
                                Cut up fruit.
                                Pour on mixture of LARGE flake oats, brown sugar, chopped nuts and a touch of canola oil to get it to stick. I do it to taste...less bsugar for me.
                                Bake 350 for about 25 mins.

                                Sometimes I nuke my serving just before eating.

                                1. A toasted whole-wheat bagel, spread with ripe avocado, topped with tomato slices, a sprinkle of salt and some aleppo pepper.

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                                    Toaster waffles (I use Trader Joe's) with peanut butter and raisins, or creamed honey, or one of each.

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                                      Along the same waffleish lines:
                                      Toasted waffle, cream cheese, a sprinkle of granola, thinly sliced apple, a drizzle of honey. Top with another waffle and try to get the whole thing in your mouth.

                                  2. Whole wheat English muffin, toasted, with PB&J.

                                    English muffin with slices of lunchmeat (I like Turkey)

                                    Yogurt with granola or Kashi cereal

                                    Plain instant oatmeal with dried fruit and a bit of peanut butter, for protein

                                    Scrambled eggs in the microwave (the only way my mom ever made them)

                                    Frozen breakfast burritos - Amy's Organic makes a great one

                                    South Beach Breakfast wraps

                                    Mmm... I love breakfast :)

                                    1. My friend makes mini frittas in Cupcake Tins and then freezes them. She just takes one out in the morning and heats it in the microwave and she's ready to go! :)


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                                        That's exactly what I was gonna suggest. Make them up on the weekend and you're good to go. It's a great idea.


                                      2. Vegetarian Corn Dogs. I know, it's weird, but they're great. We also eat a lot of peanut butter or almond butter on toast. Make ahead quiche is excellent, and will feed the two of us for nearly a week. Sometimes I give it a potato crust to make it lower fat.

                                        1. Whenever I get in a rut with breakfast, I resort to trying something more traditional from my country of origin. I make a mug of cafe con leche using a good strong coffee and accompany it with some toast served with queso blanco (white spanish style cheese) and some guava paste. The salt of the cheese balances out the sweetness of the guava. All these products are very easily found in most markets.

                                          Domincan Mangu is also a very interesting alternative for breakfast. Just boil some green plantains until tender. Mash, salt and pepper and serve with fried or poached eggs on top. Pair it off with cafe con leche, and you have a very filling breakfast. It's pretty simple to make.

                                          1. How about something off the beaten track?? The Japanese typically have miso and a bowl of rice (and, fish). Both could be made the day before and reheat or, get a rice cooker and when walking set to prepare fresh am rice. Good alternate to cereal and breads. - Use brown rice.

                                            When I was little, mom used to make macaroni with cottage cheese, sugar and cinnamon. Reheat already made pasta and add ingredients in the morning.