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Nov 11, 2005 10:46 AM

Blow Torches

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I've been thinking about getting a blow torch for kitchen use. Any specific recommendations? Issues to keep in mind? Performance, ease of refueling, and safety are the key considerations.


David A.

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  1. Just get a regular torch from the hardware store. The little toy ones that are being marketed for kitchen use and creme brulee really don't get hot enough or do a very good job.

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    1. re: Candy

      What should I tell them when I get to the hardware store? I think if I walked into my hardware store and told them I wanted to cook with the torch they wouldn't know where to point me. Any recs for how powerful it needs to be, or at least what price range I should be looking in?

      1. re: nooodles

        Google Benzomatic. Benzomatic is a brand name for blow torches.

        Expect to pay ~$30 for a kit. I like self igniters, vs. strikers. A striker uses flint and steel, self igniters are battery powered.

        I think the most used tip is the pencil tip, puts out a pencil shaped flame, another tip is a fan tip, puts out a fan shaped flame.

        The torch you want uses a disposable propane cylinder, ~14 oz. The cylinder will probably last a couple of hours.

        The orange is the coldest part of the flame, the blue is the hottest part of the flame.

        1. re: nooodles

          go to the plumbing section and ask for/find a basic torch kit. benzomatic is a widely available brand; there's comes in a box a little smaller than a shoebox. it'll contain 1 replaceable propane cylinder (butane is sometimes available as well, but if i recall correctly, it does not burn as hot), the control/tip/ignition assembly and directions (there will be a striker in there as well if you get the ignition-less type). ignition-less should go for under $20, w/ ignition will add about $10.

        2. re: Candy

          yup. Bernzomatic propane. can't go wrong. Them little gimmicks ain't worth it.

          1. re: yayadave

            Wow! I just tried the link and it didn't work. But I used the title for a Google search and it worked fine.