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Duck stuffing

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Going to break with traditional turkey this year and serve duck. Does anyone have a stuffing recipe? Thanks so much!

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  1. Going to break with traditional turkey this Thanksgiving and serve duck. Does anyone have a stuffing recipe?

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      babette feasts

      No recipe, but in looking for good duck recipes I remember reading advice against putting the stuffing in the bird, as ducks have so much fat and the stuffing will just soak it up, so it's better to bake it in a separate pan.

      1. Make dressing on the side, actually you can do that a day or so ahead and bake off later. Duck are better roasted with an onion and celery and carrots inside to flavor the pan juices, maybe a qurtered apple too. Another good thing to do, is something my mother used to do was in the last few minutes of roasting , baste the duck with melted apple jelly. It helps to crisp the skin because of the sugar caramelizing and adds a good appley sweetness to the crisp skin.

        Let me tell you that the Thanksgiving she decided to not make the crisp duck with apple glaze and make a duck that was roasted, cut up and served with mock truffle sauce...black olives chopped and put into a gravy which negated the crispy skin, she had 4 children in mutiny at the Thanksgiving table. My father was in Labrador at the time and she also required that we all write him Thanksgiving letters. One brother then piped up and asked "when is it due"? Not a happy turkey day in that house.

        1. some general ideas:
          rye bread with apples and prunes
          country style bread with turnips and apples
          wild rice

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            I love sauerkraut w/ duck but prefer it on the side, especially if it's been slow baked w/ some apple juice. Very tasty.

          2. I agree that you should not stuff the duck with stuffing, too oil results.

            But I would stuff the duck with spices and/or fruits (oranges, lemon or a peeled mango). This will improve the favor of the duck and you will discard the spices and fruit.

            1. Prunes soaked overnight in cognac/calvados/armagnac and apple chunks. Your gavy will be sublime.

              Seems to me if you're worried about fat you ought not to be roasting a duck in the first place.

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                You're right, Steve, and although I try to watch my diet all year, I pull out the stops on Thanksgiving.

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                  French Kisses are even better, prunes stuffed with foie gras and cooked in a duck or goose as stuffing.

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                    I disagree.
                    By pricking the skin with a sharp-tined fork as the duck roasts, you can eliminate much of the fat under the skin, and have a crispy skinned duck.

                    When you stuff the duck, all the internal fat, instead of melting and dripping out soaks into the stuffing making it very greasy.

                    I always save the fat from the duck/goose and use it to sauté potatoes.

                  2. I have made duck with a rice, and bread and fruit stuffing.

                    It wasn't a huge success because there is so much fat inside the duck, that the stuffing just soaks it all up.

                    Now I stuff the duck with some whole apples, onions, and orange, and make a regular stuffing baked separately.

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                      For a less greasy stuffed duck, you can first steam it on a rack for 45 minutes, pouring off the melted fat (saving of course for other uses). Stuff & roast in the oven (375) for an hour.

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                        Yes, this is roughly what I did when I made duck for T-giving about 7 yrs. ago (details are fuzzy). I don't remember the stuffing being too greasy. I stuffed w/ a wild rice stuffing that had dried cranberries, dried apricots, slivered almonds, fresh herbs, pearl onions, shiitake mushrooms.

                        I don't stuff my turkeys anymore, so I'm not sure if I'd stuff duck, but def. reserve the rendered fat for cooking w/ later!!

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                          Oooh..that sounds like a great combo of flavors for wild rice. I'm going to try that.

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                            Since my memory was fuzzy, I went back to the Bon Appetit issue that I've kept all this time since it's one of the best T-giving issues I've come across (Nov 98). I was close, but it's actually a combo of long-grain white rice and wild rice. Calls for dried cherries, but I used cranberries I think. No mushrooms and pecans instead of almonds. Lots of ways to modify, but I can paraphrase the exact recipe if you'd like.

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                              I seem to be functioning in steps today. Just checked on Epicurious and found the exact recipe (linked below). I don't like raisins, so probably just increased the other dried fruits. I do think that sauteed shiitakes would taste good and balance the fruit.

                              Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...