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Nov 9, 2005 09:30 AM

Warning on fresh Ocean Spray Cranberries!

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Now that I have your attention...I just threw together my Orange-Cranberry Relish with Grand Marnier; I don't make it every year, anyway this time I noticed that the recipe calls for a one pound bag, but the bag is 12 oz! Then when I made it I realized the last few times there has been a lot more juice/jelly and a lot less fruit. I threw in a can of mandarin oranges to add some bulk, but next time I think I'll use 2 bags of cranberries instead. I don't know how long this has been going on, but since most old recipes call for a pound, it really can affect the finished product.

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  1. It's been going on for several years - a ploy I'm sure to get us to buy more bags, probably at the same price or more than the old one lb. bags. How about posting your recipe? It sounds great!

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      At least I can always drink the juice with all the Grand Marnier in there....


      1 lb (!!!) fresh cranberries
      1 cup orange juice
      2 cups gran. sugar
      pulp of 1 orange, seeded and chopped ( I also used a can of mandarins this time)
      2 Tbsp chopped orange peel
      1/2 cup Grand Marnier

      Cook and stir orange juice and sugar over med. heat until dissolved. Add cranberries, orange pulp and orange peel. Bring to boil, reduce heat. Simmer 10 to 15 min til skins pop. Add Grand Marnier and simmer 2 more minutes. Can serve immediately, hold a week or two, or seal in sterilized jars for future holidays.

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        Thanks! I'm going to try it. Sounds yummy! Your 'salad dressing,' too.

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          Thank you so much. I lost this recipe this year somewhere, and was going to try to just remember, as I have made it for years ( and I remember the change from 1 lb. to 12 oz, too!). I appreciate you posting it very much, just so I can be sure I do it about the same way. The only difference was when it was all done and you pour it in the bowl, I sprinkled a few tablespoons of sugar on top and folded it in, I may try it with the mandarins, thanks!

      2. Thanks so much for the warning and recipe! I'm making Cranberry Sauce from Scratch this year using those very bags (We don't have much other options here in L.A.!)


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          Costco has a 3 pound bag for $4. You can use the remainder for a vodka infusion!

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            You know the saying: when life hands you lemons, make lemonade...well, I was just throwing together a salad for lunch with some leftover duck slices, and thinking how bored I was with Honey Mustard dressing, then eureka! I had put most of the extra cranberry liquid into a separate jar so the relish looked more like normal. So I took the extra liquid, there were still some cranberries in it, and added a little sherry vinegar ( I would have used raspberry vinegar if I had), and I got the greatest salad dressing, especially with the few mandarin orange slices floating around in it. If I had a restaurant, I'd make it my Thanksgiving house dressing!

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              Even better! It's on the list! ;)


            2. re: Dommy!

              This shortage h as been going on for many just that you haven't noticed it. When I made a huge batch of cranberry relish I always tossed in another bag.

            3. Your warning about cranberries made me flash back to my childhood. In 1959 (50 years ago exactly) there was a different type of cranberry warning. Some of the cranberry crop had been contaminated with weed killer that the gov't advised people to not buy cranberries.

              The great cranberry scare of 1959

              1. The Ocean Spray canned Cranberry Sauce (both whole berries and jellied) are smaller this year too.