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Nov 8, 2005 06:26 PM

what to do with celery root?

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i got inspired to buy some celery root today at the farmer's market, but now that i'm home, i'm at a loss. do you have any favorite recipes? (prefer relatively healthy, veg options for lazy people who like to eat deliciously).

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  1. Tons! I recently discovered celery root myself, after I ate it at a friend's house.

    You can:

    - mash it, alone of with potatoes (start with the mix until you get used to the flavour)
    - roast it - again, better to start with a combo of roots
    - making fries or chips out of it (I make chips with a dehydrator)
    - cubing it into veg soups, or making a puréed soup of it
    - grating or julienning it into salads - try a healthy version of the typical remoulade, using yogurt instead of mayo

    Basically, experiment! It tastes like a cross between celery (duh) and a potato.

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      OFGS use good mayo with dijon mustard and a bit of sour cream or creme fraiche to make a truly delicious celeri rave remoulade. Don't go screwing around with a good French recipe. We had this as a first course last turkey day everyone loved it. No low fat or worse no-fat yoghurt!

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        For a great atypical salad, cut in half, cook it briefly in chicken stock, slice into sticks (roughly 1 inch by 1/4 inch square), mix with mustard/mayo, mustard/sour cream, or mustard/yogurt, and chill. Try to use the mustard with whole seeds as this makes for a pleasing appearance.

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        I fell in love with Seleriesalat in Germany many years ago. The Germans julienned it and ate it with a simple vinegar and oil dressing. Sometimes I thought they softened a little by blanching the juliennes.

        I've just used lemon juice and olive oil and leave it in the refrigerator for a day.

        I'm sure there are more authentic recipes on the internet.

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          That's similar to what my father does! He steams the whole celery root, then cuts it into chunks and tosses it with a vinaigrette while still warm. It absorbs the dressing better that way, and is delicious when chilled.

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          A Fish Called Wanda

          Celery root makes a fantastic creamy soup. Saute some onions, add a little garlic and cubed celery root. Cover and braise until tender. Add stock (or water) and some white wine and simmer for a while. In the end add a little cream and puree the whole thing.

          Or you can mix it with potatoes for a heavenly gratin dish. If you add some smoked trout between layers, you have a great one dish meal.


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            I agree! Soup, soup, soup! Celeriac is just right for soup, and perfect for this time of year, yum!

          2. I adore celery root and echo the other suggestions! I actually like it blended w/ a little potato or cauliflower to give it some dimension.

            Most common thing that I do is to boil chunks w/ potato and puree in my food mill. Add some warmed buttermilk, butter, S&P, and nutmeg. Like fluffy and light mashed potatoes. Really good w/ beef or pork and some jus.

            Think it would be great sliced in a gratin w/ some thyme and gruyere cheese.

            Creamy soup is great too. I like to add chives and sometimes will saute some onions and shiitakes to mix in.

            I recently had it in a fall salad at a restaurant in which it was cubed and lightly pickled.

            1. Saw this recipe - never tried it, but it sounds good...