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Nov 8, 2005 01:38 PM

Blue Foot Chicken

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After hearing so much about the amazing taste of this bird, I have been trying to locate a source for it. The only one I have found is D'Artagnan, BUT, it is only available dressed "European" style, which means the head and feet are still attached. Anyone have any experience with this, or know of a source for blue foot chicken sans head and feet??

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  1. Nope but I can tell you that, at least in France) they are TASTY. The feet are always left on to prove that it is the real thing.

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    1. re: JudiAU

      is this the same as the poulet brasse chickens?

      1. re: madonna

        Yes, but they're raised in the US

      1. While I had heard of the bird, I haven't had it. But I have experience with dealing with head and feet whole chickens. It's not that scary actually... And kinda makes me feel better because I know the animal was not maimed at slaughter...

        Anyway, the key is pretty much just to cut at the joints with a heavy knife. The feet are pretty easy to cut away and the neck is a little more tricky, but still very easy to remove and the head just as easy.

        You'll also want to keep the neck and feet, they help make great stock! :)


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        1. re: Dommy!

          Do you remove the head and feet before or after roasting? Thanks!

          1. re: Marge

            Before Roasting, you do all this when preparing the bird for the roast. Although it's my understanding that this particular bird is traditionally roasted feet and all to comfirm that it is indeed a blue foot.