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Nov 7, 2005 04:45 PM

Best sides to serve with Turkey dinner

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Getting tired of mash taters and green bean casseroles as the hot sides for turkey. Looking for new recipe and suggestions.

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  1. I am serving a very rich spoonbread instead of mashed potatoes. It is wonderful with gravy on it. I'm not sure about the greenery, I'm not in charge of that, but you can bet it will not be green bean casserole. The person doing the greens has mentioned Sicilian Broccoli from the old NYT International Cookbook. It is steamed broccoli with a sauce made from butter, shallots, garlic, flour, chicken stock, anchovies, black olives, pepper and mozzerella. Hmmmm I've been wondering what to make for dinner tonight and I have not made that in a long time.

    1. My favorite side has always been my mother's recipe for turnips.

      She roasts them (you can always boil them), then mashes them and mixes in the fattiest drippings from the turkey and pepper...

      I also mash my sweet potatoes with bourbon and butter.

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          That does seem interesting and good, definitely something I should inflict on my friends (as soon as I can find Chihuahua cheese).

        2. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving around here(Baltimore)
          with side dishes of saurkraut and keilbasa...

          1. I always make sure to include a variety of textures, temperatures and flavors: cold, crunchy, sweet, sour, et cet. And lots of fiber-rich foods to help with digesting a large meal.

            So my sides include things like a non-mayonaisse based vegetable slaw, a bulgur pilaf, rutabagas whipped with potatoes and apples, roasted/grilled vegetables, homemade applesauce and cranberry compote, in addition to the star attraction: the sausage and giblet-studded dressing.

            Oh, and there's turkey and giblet gravy, too.

            Wait at least an hour for the dessert course....