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Nov 4, 2005 10:15 PM

HELP!..Thawed shrimp! What to do!

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I thawed some shrimp out to make a stir fry tommorow night. Unfortunately I forgot we are going out for dinner and I won't be able to use them for a few days. How long will they stay in the fridge or any good freezer recipes for shrimp?

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    Wayne Keyser

    Treat yourself - I tend to feel that when you "unconsciously" let this happen, your soul is telling you that you really need those shrimp.

    Steam them (or boil) and have a shrimp cocktail (if you really want to do it up right, have it after midnight with your Significant Other).

    1. j
      Jim Washburn

      You could pickle them. Google "pickled shrimp" for recipes.


      1. Assuming you eat breakfast and/or lunch, you could use them in a seafood scramble, frittata, soup, or salad. Or make some ceviche or fried coconut shrimp for a snack. And the idea of simply boiling and dipping into cocktail sauce is a fine one. Or make the stir fry you intended but eat for lunch instead.

        Just don't refreeze.

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        1. re: Carb Lover

          re re-freezing: a very good seafood restaurant where I worked thawed 5-lb blocks of frozen shrimp under cold running water, then packed them in individual servings (for steaming) in sealed plastic bags and immediately re-froze them. I do this at home and don't note any deterioration in quality. I've never re-frozen after 24 hours in a thawed state, so I can't speak to that.

        2. n
          Niki Rothman

          Shrimp will stay fresher longer in the fridge if you briefly steam them (just until they turn pink) as soon as you realize you won't be using them immediately. Any food kept in the fridge will stay fresher longer in the pre-cooked state rather than raw. Why this is I don't understand, maybe the heat kills bacteria. But it works. I often buy a couple of pounds of fresh shrimp and steam them immediately upon returning home, cool them down under cold water, and store them in a tight plastic bag for use over the next 4 days or so for use in a variety of recipes. 4 day old raw shrimp you wouldn't want to touch with a ten foot pole, but the pre-cooked ones remain fresh as a daisy. If you decided you wanted pickled shrimp (in a vinagrette)for use perhaps in a salad they would stay fresh even longer, I'd say a week.

          1. j
            Jackie Childs

            This is probably a very basic question, but is there some special way to thaw shrimp? I've never frozen shrimp before, but now I have a bunch in my freezer that I was planning on using soon, and this thread made me question if thawing in some way might ruin the flavor/texture.

            I don't plan on using the defrost mode on my micro, but was going to run them under warm water or stick 'em in a warm water bath for a few hours.

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            1. re: Jackie Childs

              I would thaw those shrimp in cold water. Drop them into a bowl or other suitable container and change the water every half hour. It will take a surprisingly short time to thaw. Also, after they are shelled, sprinkle the shrimp rather liberally with salt, and toss to even out the salt. Let stand in a sieve for a minute or two, then rinse well. Use as desired. The salting seems to firm up the flesh a bit and the texture is more unfrozen shrimp-like.