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Nov 4, 2005 09:51 PM

molcajete recipes

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i had one of the best dinners down at la destilleria in cancun. it was a chicken dish cooked in a molcajete. so last week, i went to cabo and bought a molcajete (my third mortar and pestle apparatus, by the way, which i never use!) but it tasted so good, i had to do it. does anyone have a good recipe where you actually cook in it, not just make salsa or guacamole?


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  1. I have never heard of anyone cooking in a mocajete. It is the Mexican version of a mortar and pestle. Have you ever cooked in one of those? Mine is the stone version and has feet, so it wouldn't sit on an oven grate very well, or even on top of my gas-burning Viking. I just can't imagine cooking in a mortar, but if you come up with something, please let us know.

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      Oh gosh....... molcajete cooking is Oaxacan style... It has recently changed my life. I searched this topic to find out where to get one and a recipie... I am thinking of making for my family for easter.

    2. Rick Bayless has a recipe for a 'cheese in tomatillo salsa' appetizer that is finished/served in a molcajete. Saw him prepare it on his TV show.

      1. the MOLCAJETE is the serving dish, not what it is initially prepared in. You put the MOLCAJETE in the oven, heat it and pour contents into it before serving. The Sizzling fajitas are not cooked on the "hot iron" they are famously served on in restaurants. Presentation, presentation! kudos to the guy who said he is making the entire dish in the MOLCAJETE.

        1. Don't quite have a recipe and I don't know how to use it, besides as a mortar and pestle, but I too have had meals served in them.
          A seafood soup - it came bubbling in the piping, lava-like, rock molcajete. Interesting, but it was in a non-airconditioned Mexican joint and the temp was maybe 90*. Sure cold beer, but it took forever for the soup to cool a bit to be able to eat it...
          Another place was closer to home, a queso fundido. Molten cheese in the very-hot molcajete with your choice of meat or shrimp and wilting green onions draped over the side, served with tortillas.

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            La Taberna in Playa del Carmen (4th st. between 5 & 10 aves) does an excellent dish with shrimp and the green onions, in a lava rock molcajete, as you describe. Also, Pez Vela in Cozumel, on the square in San Miguel, does an excellent queso fundito with chorizo and flour tortillas, in a modernized molcajete with Sterno keeping it hot.

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              The soup was actually at La Bamba Jarocha in Playa.

          2. There is a restaurant called La Malinche in Sarasota, Fl that actually cooks and serves your meal in a molcajete. It's a multistep process. The molcajete is extremely hot and takes hours to cool down after placed in the oven. The food was amazing. Check out their menu on-line.