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caramelized onions in a crock pot

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Has anyone tried doing caramelized onions in a crock pot? If so, how do they turn out and what is your recipe?

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  1. if you search back through chowhound, I think the topic came up a few months ago.

    My thoughts are the crock pot won't get hot enough to caramelize them, but no first hand experience here, sorry.

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      I can't put my hands on it right now, but in one of the Julia Child cookbooks, a chef caramelized onions in a crockpot for something like 24 hours.

    2. Caramelized onions would be ruined in a crock pot.
      They have to cook in a large skillet with a lot of evaporation surface so the moisture doesn't fall back on them.
      It is very time consuming to constantly stir over low heat, but the results are worth the effort.

      1. Electric skillet, not crock pot, is perfect for this.

        1. I did this per the directions someone posted here last fall, I think. Sliced up the onions, filled the crockpot to the very top, put a stick of butter on top and went to bed. It worked great. They were fantastic, although I didn't get a chance to use them on much cause I just kept eating them out of the container. I can't remember the details as far as exact times and weights. Try a search.

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            This is what I do too (and I may even have posted it on here a while ago).

            They turn out great, especially considering how little effort is involved.

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              I have the same problem!! can't keep from dipping them out of the skillet, one or two at a time, so I always start out with twice as much as I need! LOL

            2. I just bought "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook" and it has a couple of recipes for French Onion Soup in it, and the cookbook says it carmelizes onions beautifully. I don't have it with me, and I just got it last night, so I don't know much other than that! So far, it's an awesome cookbook from the looks of it... I've only gotten through the soups and porridges sections!

              1. Very simply, slice as many onions as will fit in your crock pot. I use a mandoline for this and cut them thin. Put in 1/4 cup butter or oil and put on low for 5-15 hours. Times will vary from crock pot to crock pot. Sometimes they are a bit watery at the end and I leave the lid off for the last hour. They are fantastic and so easy to do (though they take awhile). They seem to last forever in the fridge and freezer too.

                Despite the worries noted here, they are golden brown and delicious. Its the only way I do them now.


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                  Niki Rothman

                  I'm going to try your method. When you say they last forever in the fridge, how long do you mean? Like a couple of weeks? Do you just store them as is is a plastic container? I don't understand why you uncover them the last hour, as I've never heard of using a slow cooker uncovered. is that to evaporate water, or to brown them?

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                  In the interests of research, I did a batch long-cooked in a very slow oven for I forget how long exactly, 12 hours I think (no crock-pot) and a batch in a skillet over medium-high heat, stirring constantly. Both were good, but did not taste the same. The long-cooked ones had an almost winy flavor and were a trifle wet; the skillet version was sort of sweeter. I'd use the long-cooked for soup and similar dishes, but for, say, topping pizza or making onion dip, I'll stick with the skillet version. (Note that the slow-cooked version did not cook for 24 hours--that may well produce a different result.)

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                    thanks for putting in the time! I will try the crock pot and the oven, but my heart will always be with the skillet

                  2. Below is a picture of a recent batch. They cooked for about 22 hours.

                    Image: http://geckodog.dyndns.org/albums/foo...

                    1. Chris - I can't open the picture. Would love to see how it turned out.