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Nov 3, 2005 11:00 AM

Venison Suggestions

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I have just been presented with a shoulder roast of venison. I thought I had an idea from the D'Artagnan's cookbook but darned if I can now find the recipe I thought I wanted to do. Anyone have suggestions? I am going to have to cook this this weekend unless I cut it up into stew or something smaller. I have almost no room in my freezer for it.



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  1. my neighbors son in law hunts each fall and gives me alot of venison...if you can get some ground up it's awesome in spagetti sauce (use 1 cup of red wine too) :) abdul

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      The donor has my grinder and is making sausage with it. I could cut it up to make chili too.

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        I recently made a venison "pot roast" with a venison shoulder cut- I marinated it overnight in equal amounts red wine/water (I don't like the red wine taste all that much, so I don't do straight up wine), rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper.

        I browned it over high heat, then set in a roasting pan, layered some bacon slices over it (why not?), and added the (heated to a boil) marinade along with some beef broth. Create a tin foil tent for it, and bake at 325 until it reaches about 135. Slice thinly after letting it rest, and serve with its jus if you'd like.

        Mario Batali also has a venison dish served with gnocchi in his Babbo cookbook that calls for a shoulder cut- you may want to check that out.

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          Bacon is always good. That sounds like a good plan. I found my recipe BTW, it is a daube so similar in execution.

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        Second the spaghetti sauce option. My freezer always has some Broadleaf ground venison (what do you expect in LA?) for sauce. It is less fat and just as tasty as beef.

      3. Here are a whole lot of recipe links from a google search.


        1. I don't have a specifc suggestion for that cut, as we normally grind the shoulder portion. However, I tend to use venison in place of beef or especially lamb in many recipes that call for long and slow cooking. Typically I will marinate the meat for a while before cooking, and perhaps add some bacon or other fat that might not be called for in the recipe.

          1. Let it marinate overnight in a bottle of red wine that has been brought to a boil and chilled, a few crushed juniper berries, onion, garlic, and a sprig each of rosemary and thyme. Braised slowly the next day and make sure to add a little fat.

            Lucky you.

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              To that excellent suggestions, I will add only this...

              Save the braising liquid and reduce to aboout 1/3 volume. strain, then bring back to a simmer. Add in just enough tomato (sauce, crushed, diced, whatever you like) and simmer for another 15-20 minutes.

              Take part of the braised shoulder and shred it into the sauce.

              Serve over gnocchi or other noodly goodness.

              I made some Venison "osso bucco" this way last week- cervena, not hunted, but oh, so tasty.