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Nov 2, 2005 10:43 PM

Smoked meats fifteen beans soup

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Fifteen Beans Smoked Meats Winter Soup
I was lucky enough to get my hands on some wonderful smoked meats in the Bay Area. So we had this soup

1lb smoked pork neck bones
1lb smoked turkey wings (at least two whole wings sections)
1lb smoked paprika sausage
one bag fifteen bean soup mix
4 set of bones from chicken breasts
5 quarts of water
4 ribs of celery diced
2 medium onions diced
1 lb of carrots diced

After washing all the smoked meat and the chicken bones I added the everything expect for the sausage to the pot with the dice vegetables. Add five quarts of water and bring to a boil then reduce to the a simmer and cook for two hours. Then pick out the chicken bones and discard. Remove the neck bones and turkey wings and remove the meat and reserve to add to the soup later. Do not add salt at the start of the soup because the smoked meat have a lot of favor and salt.
Soak the beans in cold water for two hours change the water twice. After the soup has cooked for two hours add the beans to the soup and cooked for one more hour and half. Then diced the paprika sausage with the pork meat from the neck bones and turkey meat and add to the soup. Cook for fifteen minutes more and taste and adjust the seasonings (salt, pepper and hot sauce)
Serve with crusty bread.
Put the leftover soup in the refrigerator it will be much better the next day.

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  1. 15 Bean Soup Mix??? Is this a joke?

    The recipe sounds reallly good. Assuming this is NOT a joke, where do you get this mix? I figure I can use a bunch of the beans I have in jars on the shelf instead.

    Thanks, yimster.

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    1. re: oakjoan

      No joke, I got the package from Safeway and I am sure that it is available in any supermarket. It is a dry mix.