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Nov 2, 2005 09:41 PM

A good bottle of Cote du Rhone turned to vinegar

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What a pity.

A bottle of wine left in the kitchen for the summer (no air-conditioning!) has turned into wine vinegar.

Besides salad dressing, what else could use a lot of it?

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  1. If the bottle was closed (and probably even if it wasn't), it's not vinegar, it's just spoiled wine. Vinegar requires a second bacterial fermentation with exposure to plenty of oxygen all the while. (Half a bottle's worth of air is definitely not enough.) There is nothing to be done with spoiled wine except pour it down the drain where it might help dislodge a little stray grease buildup.

    If by some nearly true miracle you do actually have vinegar (it will have a very distinctive aroma like commercial vinegar), sauerbraten is a good way to use up a lot of red wine vinegar in one fell swoop.

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      It may taste tart but it is probably not vinegar and should not be used as vinegar. What you have, as the poster above stated, is spoiled wine that should be thrown away.