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Nov 2, 2005 07:24 PM

Calphalon cookie sheets?

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Does anyone know anything about Calphalon cookie sheets? I saw some at Ross today for $9 and was very tempted to invest in a couple based on the brand recognition.

I've heard that light colored cookie sheets are the best. These are a darker gray, like teflon. Does that matter?

They were the completely flat kind of cookie sheet with no sides (not shaped like a jelly roll).

I also saw no-name insulated cookie sheets, same size and shape, for $6. What to do? I have some terrible cookie sheets that have warped over time. I would love to replace them but haven't done so.

Should I just hold out for half-sheets at a restaurant supply store? I really am just wondering what the difference will be between light and dark colored pans.

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  1. j
    Jeremy Newel

    For cookie sheets I think you want only light colored ones of aluminum and not stainless steel. Dark pans tend to over-cook the bottoms. In other words, the bottom gets browned before the cookie is really cooked, in most cases. The insulated cookie sheets are good for some cookies, but not for others. I find that I never use mine because they don't supply a crisp bottom to the cookie. They are probably great for cake-like cookies.

    1. b
      Bride of the Juggler

      I've had these for 9 years and they are great. They are supernonstick and work best if you don't use any oil or cooking spray. Thank you.

      1. I have owned a Calphalon sheet and delt with cookies with overly brown bottoms and surprisingly the pan did warp after a few years of light usage. I now have rolled aluminium half sheet pans that I line with parchment or silpat and have perfect cookies everytime.

        1. j
          JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

          Don't buy either one. Lighter colored pans are absolutely essential. I've had to jury-rig a cookie sheet out of a couple of pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil and those cookies turned out brilliantly well. I have had nothing but trouble with the insulated pans.


          1. I have half sheet pans and insulated pans. It kind of depends on my mood which I choose to use. I line either with parchment and I generally prefer the half sheet pans becuase I can get more cookies on them and bake mor of them more quickly