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Nov 2, 2005 03:32 PM

That Cabernet Cranberry Sauce

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This afternoon I had to open a bottle of cab for some lamb shanks that are braising away and smelling pretty good.

I had just picked up a couple of bags of cranberries and thought okay why not make a batch of the sauce. It was a Mirassou 2001 that I happened to have on hand that I used. I also cut back on the amount of sugar by half, so 1 bag berries, 1 C. wine, 1/2 C.sugar some cinnamon...I'm out of sticks today and some ground ginger, about 1/2 tsp. and cooked it up. It is richer than the sauce i made with the Zin a couple of weeks ago and I had thought I would taste it and see if it needed any extra sweetening after it had cooled. We do watch carbs and the glycemic index on foods so I ended up adding no more than a scant soupspoon of Splenda. It is delicious. Made with the zin it was really good but this with the cab is richer.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it...your changes sound interesting,'s too early for tangerines, I think, and with Wilma, there may not be a very good crop or any crop this year, but to me, tangerine zest makes a lovely difference in this recipe instead of orange zest.

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      Tangerine is what I normally use, just not yesterday. I have been making this sauce for about 3 years and do play with it a bit.