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Nov 2, 2005 12:24 PM

Looking to expand my rub repetoir-Coffee

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I have had coffee in rubs while out dining and would liek to experiment with it in my own cooking. I have some ideas but would like to know what other people have had success with. If anyone has used it before, what spices mesh well with coffee? What is the best grind to use in a rub? What meats have a real affinity for coffee?


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  1. Never heard of a coffee rub, but in BBQ sauce it seems to get teamed with molasses, dry mustard, and garlic.

    1. My husband recently made an excellent ancho chile- coffee rubbed steak following a Bobby Flay recipe that was in last month's issue of Bon Appetit (which also featured some of the best restaurants in New Orleans - sad, because the article was clearly written before Hurricane Katrina). I believe may have the recipe from bon appetit.

      1. I know duck goes well chocolate sauces, so I think it would go well with something as rich and strong as coffee. Similarly,I think other robust (not too delicate in flavour or texture) meats would do well with it - beef, for example.

        I mistook a tupperware of tomato paste for pureed beetroot (my kitchen lighting is appalling), and so we had tomato cupcakes yesterday! They weren't disgusting, only very strange - like Campbell's Soup in cupcake form. None of us could manage more than one bite.

        I mention this story because I'm wondering how much coffee is flavourful in meat, and how much coffee would just make one think of espresso, drunk simultaneously with mouthfuls of meat! I suggest you take it easy, slowly increasing the amount, rather than going large, and overwhelming the dish with coffee-ness.

        Please let us know how it goes. Best of luck!

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          Paul Prudhomme has a recipe for Coffee-Nut Chicken in his book Fiery Foods The I Love, and that stuff is great. It's one of my boyfriend's favorite dishes. I don't remember tha spice mix - chilis, I believe, and cumin, and ground nuts of course. See if you can find a copy at your library, or I can try to remember to post it(I have a hard time remembering to bring in recipes from home).