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Nov 2, 2005 08:44 AM

Clear plastic dessert tubes

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Hi all,

I was at a wedding where beautiful cylinder shaped desserts were served. After getting mine I found that they were in thin plastic cylinders.

They were painted inside with chocolate and filled with mouse, cheesecake, cake and other goodies.

The presentation was impressive.

My brother's 50th birthday party is in a couple of weeks and I'm doing desserts.

I can't find those tubes!

Any ideas?

I've been to Michael's and all over the internet restaurant supply sites.



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  1. Was it an actual cylinder of plastic? My local bakery takes a very thin sheet of plastic and some two-sided tape to achieve the same effect. Tie a ribbon around the plastic and no one will notice. Plus, a taped sheet is easier to unravel; how did you get it off it it was a cylinder? Did you eat out of it like a bowl?

    I'm thinking you could deconstruct a sheet (sheets of paper that go in a binder, not the sheets on your bed) protector or overhead projector plastic paper.

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    1. re: nooodles

      Great ideas!

      They were clear plastic that came unwrapped when we ate what was in them. Maybe they were strips that were put together with the melted chocolate.

      I've got some experiments ahead of me!

      Thanks again,


    2. See the link below. Not sure how many you're planning to make.

      When I used to work in restaurants we uses thin plastic film and tape the two sides as nooodles pointed out.

      That depends on what type of dessert you're planning to make as well. Are you looking to unwrapped the cylinder and make a chocolate tube?